The pros and cons of being an animator

The pros and cons of being an animator

Like the artists, animators have a unique sense of art and creativity. Rom high definition CGI skills to two-dimensional cartoons, the animation is everywhere. Whether we watch a movie or a promoting commercial, the animation is used almost in every field of work.

The animator's job

The animator creates amazing cartoons on various 3D cartoon maker or by hand. Before starting the animation process, they need to take comprehensive research on the topic. For example, if he's making a scene of Africa, he has to search for the African lifestyle or wildlife of Africa and such things. After the detailed research work, he has to get in contact with the clients to get to know the story so it can be easier for them to make an animated video.

The requirements of being a professional animator

To be a professional animator, three things are a must namely, the artistic insight, the technical skills and communication skills. A good animator also has the talent to make good stories. It is essential for an animator to have a portfolio which could tell the employers what they are capable of.

Benefits and advantages of being an animator

With the growing demands of animated movies, animators are of high value. The animation industry is growing exponentially on a global scale. An animator doesn’t always have to go by the book. That’s the beauty of this profession. An animator s free to make decisions with his or her artistic insight. It pushes you to bring out the artist hidden deep inside your soul. It engages you to learn more and more and brainstorm by visual content. A plus side to it all, you are always required by animation agencies that are willing to pay a high value for your services.

Cons of being an animator

With every advantage, there are disadvantages as well, and animation comes with some drawbacks too. The most prominent of which is animation is time-consuming. It is not possible for an individual to work on a single movie at a time. The repetition of work is tiring and working for long hours can be stressful for an animator.

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