7 Thing to Learn from Feroze Gandhi

Gandhi family is the most recognised political family of the nation. Since independence, Gandhi family members held several key positions in Indian politics. In all these years, one name that got lost into the pages of history is Feorze Gandhi. He was an active member of Congress and his intellect was praised in the party as well as the nation. Feroze Gandhi had deep interaction with the people of the nation and he was actively engaged in for development of education sector.

The current Gandhi family ruling the Congress part got its surname due to Feroze Gandhi only. Indira Gandhi, Ex. Prime Minister of India and descendent of Jawaharlal Nehru was not associated with Mahatma Gandhi in any way. She married Feroze Gandhi and got his name Indira Gandhi from Indira Priyadarshani Nehru.

Feroze Gandhi’s life was simple and much less talked about as compared to other Gandhis but there are a lot of things we can learn from him. Let’s have a look at some interesting facts about Feroze Gandhi which we can relate to our lifestyle.

A loving father: Feroze Gandhi spent a lot of time with his son Rajiv who later brought technological revolution in India following his father’s steps. From the very beginning, Feroze developed Rajiv’s interest in technology. In order to develop Rajiv’s interest in technology, do it yourself auto repairs and hauling homemade converters to make a foreign radiogram work were common practices.

People’s leader: Feroze Gandhi believed that a person will never starve is he/she is able to do work with their hands. He opposed the concept of mai baap sarkar to support the development of an innovative engine which will allow the nation to drive its way out from the poverty toward self- sufficiency.

Promoter of equality: Feroze Ganhi was treats people with every segment of society and religion equally and respectfully. He believed that every person is important and there is no superior or inferior race of mankind. His teachings were followed by his son and the party and even today, Congress is working hard to eliminate equality and injustice in Indian society on the basis of castism and religion.

Down to earth approach: Feroze Gandhi understand it very well that the perfect solution of a problem can only be drafted if the problem is addressed at grass root level. That is why, Feroze encourages face to face interaction with pole and listen to their problems to find out the effective solutions.

A freedom fighter: A lot of people don’t know this fact that Feroze Gandhi gave up his education at the age of 18 to take part in fight of Indian independence. He was imprisoned three times while fighting against British government.

Affectionate toward farmers: Feroze Gandhi does not belong from an agricultural background yet he was committed for the welfare of the farmers. His hard work and bold measure toward to nurture the backbone of most prominent occupation of nation, agriculture, becomes the foundation of Congress party objectives. .

A strong opponent of corruption: During his eight year tenure in the parliament, Feroze Gandhi sets his bold image due to his ardent activism against corruption. He was instrumental in nationalising companies to control the monopolies which bled the exchequer. He also introduced the Parliamentary Proceedings Act to empower the media and MPs making common population of the nation aware of the matters arising in the House.

Even though the name Feroze Gandhi is not very popular in the nation, his leadership sets foundation to strong principles of Congress party and his devotion toward the nation and its development is remarkable.

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