Three Main Pillars of SEO Strategy

SEO strategy can be complex. It is like a game with search engines at the center and content flowing in and website rankings flowing out. There is a certain mysticism attached to the whole practice of SEO Brisbane

SEO strategies are used for generating high-quality long-term traffic. This is important for business success. With new levels of sophistication, the search engine landscape has changed completely. Strategies that used to be applied earlier will no longer work their magic. 

The three pillars of SEO strategy include: 

1. Content 

Content that is unique is key in SEO. High-quality original content is the heart and soul of any SEO strategy. Good content will get higher rankings for your website on search engines. This will help in promoting your business to a wider audience. 

SEO is important for all types of content (marketing content, credibility content, and service content). If the content is not engaging or useful, you will not be able to achieve success. Reevaluate the content of your website and rewrite or redevelop it if necessary. 

The strategies that can be used to market content include: 

  • Content Optimization
  • Keyword Research and Structure
  • User Experience
  • Updating Content Blogs

2. Inbound Linking 

Inbound linking is one of the most important pillars of SEO strategy. Links enable search engines to find content that is relevant and valuable. Inbound links will help get more traffic from other websites. 

Websites rank higher in the search engine results if they have more backlinks. You do need to remember that these backlinks should be from high-quality sites. Backlinks from spam sites can affect the ranking of your website. 

After creating good content, it is advisable to focus on getting backlinks from reputed websites. 

The strategies that are used for inbound linking include: 

  • Guest Blogging 
  • Directory Submissions 
  • Blog Commenting 
  • Press Release Distribution 

3. Site Structure 

A good site structure enhances the user experience. If the site structure is good, it will make it easier for crawlers to access and index the content. If you have a great site structure, great SEO will follow. 

Search engines make use of automated programs (crawlers) to locate web pages and list them in their index. The programs have set rules that determine how important the pages are. 

The internal linking structure of the website is used for this purpose. Link the best performing pages, especially the home page to the site so that it ranks higher in the search engines. 

The SEO space is evolving. The current direction is exciting and businesses can make use of the three main pillars of SEO strategy to promote and rank their websites on search engines.  

You do need to remember that it takes time and effort to rank your website high on search engines. Measure and track your success so that you are able to identify new areas of opportunity. 

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