There are two kinds of business owners out there. Those who don’t value employee friendships and cohesion, and those who are aware of the benefits that they have. According to recent studies, workplace friendships are truly beneficial for the productivity of a company. After all, this is the best way of making sure that employees are getting on well while working in a friendly and relaxing environment. Even though most of the time workers seem to know how to build friendships, there are certain instances that require a bit of help on your part. Therefore, if you want to have productive and motivated workers and happier customers, you might want to consider the following tips.

1. Use the Buddy System

Everyone knows that starting work in a new environment is a bit frightening. There are so many new aspects that you need to get used to, from the schedule to the work setup and obviously, the rest of the team. For that matter, you need to find the most friendly and outgoing member of the team and assign them to show the ropes to new members. This easy fix is great because it welcomes new people and it makes them feel part of the team in a very short period of time. Since guidance is needed anyway, finding a reliable buddy is perfect for encouraging friendships, both formally and informally.

2. Get Active

Lunch breaks offer team members the opportunity to talk to one another and build friendships. Instead of sitting at their desks, they should be encouraged to either walk together or eat in a different room. The secret to building friendships at work involves doing silly things together. A lot of business owners start a wellness program. This program involves forming two teams that will eventually have to compete one against the other. Afternoon dance parties, for example, get people moving and force people to loosen up. As a result, workers feel a lot more comfortable in the company of their co-workers.

3. Plan Monthly Outings

Monthly outings should be a rule that everyone in your company sticks to. After-work activities such as bowling, rock climbing or cracking codes in Escape Room Greenville can be a lot of fun. When they spend together outside of work, people find it easier to bond and learn more about each other. Seeing that you already have a lot of commitments that you need to take care of, you should put them in charge of planning those events. Sometimes it’s the most unexpected activities that allow people to form friendships and come together as a team.

4. Model Friendship

Workplace friendships are very easy to encourage. The only thing you need to do is to model them yourself. Take a real interest in every single employer and speak to them in a friendly manner. It is needless to say that respect is vital in any work environment. Ask them about their life, not only about how they are getting on with their tasks. This is not wasted time, as it can tell you a lot about their personality and even hidden talents or skills, which can also be favorable for your company.

In conclusion, there isn’t a strict recipe that one can follow to encourage friendships at work. People have different personalities,and they cannot be forced to become friends with everyone, but they can definitely form a team that solves any problem effectively. Group exercises and teambuilding can help create a cohesive environment that goes beyond work, which will make the workplace an enjoyable place to spend time.

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