Different mindsets and different strategies initiate different startups! Some people want to spend big, others are unsure as how to efficiently budget themselves. And then there are, at times, the ambitious ones who have expectations of achieving great things of their startups, but have little-to-no money! There might even be a type that may have reasonable resources to fund the idea, but do not see much potential in it; hence restricting spending too much at the very start. There is always the imbalance!
If you’re the type who has big dreams but has a tight budget to follow, this blog may prove helpful! There are certain ways to achieve a cheap logo design but then again the results may vary in contrast to hiring a professional branding service. The ever-evolving technology has yet again amazed us; it never ceases to resolve matters at hand!
With Instant online logo makers, you can achieve a professional logo design for your brand. Or even a creative one. But it won’t be perfect to be worthy of being your brand’s truest ambassador! There are certain advantages and drawbacks to a cheap logo design service. Let’s dive straight into it.

 Pros of Availing Online Logo Maker Services

Lifesaver when following a strict deadline!

Logos made with online logo wizards do not require much time since they are ready-made designs. With a few adjustments made, you can procure your logo design within one business day. So if you’re in a hurry, ready-made logos will save you the hassle! 

No Worrisome Communication Gaps!

This is the best part of the deal! Since you get an extensive, optimized portfolio of ready-made logo designs, you do not need to relay your ideas over the phone, email, or in person. Sometimes communicating your ideas and making others properly grasp the concept could really prove exasperating!

Super Affordable!

Instant premade logos really go easy on the pocket! At times, a subscription for an online logo maker may cost little-to-no-money. This is the most affordable and cheap logo design alternative in the whole design market!
 Cons of Availing Online Logo Maker Services 

Copyrights Issue!

There is always this risky factor associated with stock photos found online- that anybody could access them anywhere. No design idea is unique or an intellectual property when it comes to ready-made logo designs! There is a strong possibility of purchasing a pre made design for your brand which might have already been used, and might be a part of the ever-present, ominous competition!

No Brand individuality!

This is the biggest and most impactful drawback of using an online ready-made logo! You may definitely end up killing your brand’s identity; its core values by acquiring an online cheap logo design. Your logo is your brand’s first impression, its signature! If you have plans on distinguishing yourself in the market then this is definitely not for you!

No Freedom to Customize!

With pre made logos you get minimum flexibility. You do not have the room to make many alterations to your design. Only color selection or typeface variations are accommodated when you obtain online logo maker services.
In conclusion, cheap logo design services may lure you in terms of affordability, or may sound overall lucrative. But in reality, it is always a better idea to wait and save up money to build up a sound brand identity for your startup. It is not a child’s play to establish a business esp. to contribute to its identity! It’s no sweat to obtain an ordinary conventional logo, and kick off on the social media without any practical results. But if you need to make a name in the industry, and to stand out in the crowd, you need to invest more time, energy and money in your venture!

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