You will find hundreds of thousands of students vying for the field of medicine. Getting an admission in a clinical science programs or in any other field in medicine can be a rewarding feeling after so much of hard work and waiting endlessly for the final outcome. The process of getting an admission in any med school is such that students and their parents/guardians are exhausted by the end it. Receiving an acceptance letter is like a dream come true for any students but what’s after that.

For students it’s time to rejoice and have a good time leaving all the worries behind. If you are also one of the lucky students who will start a new career in medicine than congrats and welcome to this blog. This is written keeping in mind what you need to do before the start of your classes. You need to prepare yourself for the journey ahead as the for the next 4, 5 or 6 years you will learn quite a few things that you are not aware of.

Before that, let me offer you 5 basic things that you need to understand so as to prepare yourself for the big event, i.e. the start of your academic year.

1. Accommodation

This is like the first step as most students who come to a med school usually come from far off places and need accommodation. Looking for a place in a hostel is the first thing as you need to make sure you get a room so that you can start thinking about other factors and aspects. Usually any med school provide the information about offering students accommodation few weeks prior to sending the acceptance letter so that the students living in far off regions of the country and especially international students can make arrangements in this regard.

2. Paperwork for International Students

I am writing this blog mainly for students residing in the US/Canada and looking for a med school in the Caribbean region. So I am sure virtually all the students in this regard are eager to know about what kind of paperwork they know before their arrival in the beautiful Caribbean islands. For starters, this can be different for many med schools as it includes things like sending in your college transcripts/diplomas/certificates and other records. You need to have certificates regarding TB and other chronic diseases too.

If you are not fond of checking emails, I strongly recommend that you must start doing so as most of the information regarding this from a med school is send through emails. You also need to the visit the relevant website too in this regard as all the latest information is updated regularly on the portal. Social media platforms also offer much assistance to students in this regard as virtually all the students use Facebook and other popular apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat.

3. Tuition Fees Submission

This is all about depositing the required fees to the med school so that your seat can be secured. It is as simple as that. Usually when you get the acceptance letter, you need to make sure that you act sensibly in this regard. Keeping the fact that the deposited fees will not be refunded, you need to think hard about this aspect. No one has such a huge amount to shell out on submitting fees for multiple med schools. So have to think rationally about submitting the fees. But if you will not submit fees to not even one of the schools, your future will be in jeopardy as the schools will be in a position to hand over your seat to a student who is willing to submit the fees and start studying without waiting from an acceptance letter from another school.

4. Taking your Time

After all the things mentioned above, it’s for you to stand up and take a decision, only after giving every aspect a hard look. After all, it is your future which depends upon this. You need to decide and then stick onto your decision. If you still think that you are not sure what to do, please consult a student already studying in such a med school or consult a career counselor so that you can come to a conclusion.

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