I found one, and he has been immensely helpful in teaching writing to one as out of practice such as myself.  

Unsurprisingly, writing is typically a lonely journey. Karen Stevens, when describing her first novel process, noted how lonely the journey was for her. Therefore, if you are a single person without any guidance or inspiration to go by, you may unintentionally become stuck in a rut, glaring at the blinking cursor on your laptop, or even worse, feel disheartened by rejection after rejection. You can get the ball rolling towards your writing objectives by getting a writing mentor.

What is superb about an instructor for teaching writing is that they help you by sharing their writing experience, providing you with writing tips, maybe even paper writing service ideas. Just check out these invaluable tips from writing mentor Joel Salatin. Moreover, not only will a mentor help you in your writing style, but they can also open you up to new opportunities with their existing professional contacts. College paper writing services are great places to find other experts and improve writing skills. Most especially, you have the chance to increase the depth of your writing skills with the critique and feedback you are being offered.  

Characteristics of a Good Writing Mentor

A good writing mentor, such as mine, will not just feed you their creative writing examples and ask you automatically to do the same. He or she will be prepared to provide you with counsel and advice and support and direct your writing. Equally important, is that as soon as you get the hang of writing and writing well, a good writing mentor would permit you to work independently.

Here are a few more things I thought of that you could do when searching for a good writing mentor:

Choose a writing mentor who typically writes in the same genre.

Familiarize yourself with their work.

Select a writing mentor you think highly of and whose career path you would like to follow.

Asking a Writer to Be Your Mentor

Directly ask because this can be vastly flattering. Take into consideration that your would-be mentor has a life outside of your little bubble. Already have in mind the limitations you have in the relationship so the mentor will not feel stunned by the work he might be taking on.

Ask for 10 minutes of the instructor’s time only even over coffee or lunch. If your mentor agrees, be ready with your questions. Your mentor does not have to give you support personally. Correspondence through email can be an alternative. If you are a bit hesitant at searching for a mentor face-to-face, there is an alternative. All professionals from custom-writing.org are like mentors.

Inquire of your would-be mentor if you can be of assistance to him or her in exchange for his or her mentoring.

Finding a Writing Mentor

Here are a few ways to start the search for your suitable mentor:

Editors or professors Make sure you are familiar with their work and can give you the necessary boost and encouragement.

Writing workshops, groups, and conferences You can ask a resource person or an attendee, whose work you admire and respect. Search for events on the websites of for writers. Poets&Writers, the case in point, have an Events Calendar.

Getting a mentor for writing will help you achieve your writing goals quicker. Who knows, maybe your mentoring relationship will morph into a valued comradeship.

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