Top 7 must have things for your pooja mandir

The Puja Ghar or Pooja Mandir is the most significant part of any Hindu Indian household making it imperative to make this place the most perfect in every possible. Be it a wooden Pooja mandir or one made from marble; it is a place where people say their daily prayers and communicate with their God and share their wishes, desires and concerns. Therefore, every Pooja mandir consists of idols of our Gods but, it should be made perfect and as per the Vaastu, which is why we bring you the seven must-haves for your Pooja Mandir.


A bell is one of the essential elements of the Pooja Mandir. The sound of a bell brings positivity in our homes and is also believed to kill the microbes in the air. Ringing a bell brings harmony to both sides of the brain, which is why every Pooja Ghar should have at least one bell.


The Kalash is a symbol of creation. The empty pot symbolises earth and the water filled inside it represents the life-giving ability of nature, which is why a Kalash in the Pooja room is considered auspicious and worshipped.


The swastika is an ancient religious icon used in the Indian subcontinent and is a sacred symbol of spiritual principles in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. The name is derived from a Sanskrit word which means auspicious or conducive to well-being and is a symbol of prosperity and good luck. Thus, every Pooja Ghar should contain at least one swastika.


A conch, called as shankh in Sanskrit, is of utmost religious importance in both, Hinduism and Buddhism and is the shell of a large predatory sea snail found in Indian ocean – Turbinella pyrum. According to Hindu mythology, the shankh is a sacred symbol of the Hindu preserver God Vishnu, which is why every Pooja Ghar must have one. It is often associated with the sound ‘Om', which is believed to be the first sound of creation.

Diya (Earthen Lamp)

It is customary in every Hindu household to light a diya twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. It is because the diya signifies knowledge and enlightenment, by which all darkness is dispelled. Because knowledge is significant in each one of our lives and is the greatest wealth humankind has, a diya in the Pooja room is a must.

Fresh flowers

The word puja is made up of two words ‘pu' meaning pushp or flowers and ‘ja' meaning jap or chanting. Therefore, flowers have a colossal essence when it comes to Hinduism. They are considered to be beautiful and pure, which is why they are offered to God to please Him. Flowers have amazing fragrances enabling them to maintain an atmosphere that is peaceful and smells good, and they are a symbol of our devotion towards God, which is why we should keep flowers in our Puja Ghar and offer to our God daily.


Curtains are a must in every Pooja room as it is believed that just like we shut the lights in our room to retire to sleep at night, so do the Gods. Therefore, we should draw the curtains every night and shut the lights off to let the Gods sleep in peace and calm and open them again in the morning to wake them up.

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