Run Businesses Smoothly with AI Powered tools

 Artificial Intelligence is transforming the face of the business and no other technology would have affected more than AI. AI has continued to evolve with the passage of time and helped people from various walks of life, industries, and businesses.

Entrepreneurs are no exception and helped them to automate their business, extract useful data, and gain insights. One thing is for sure that adaption of AI for businesses and individuals will flourish. Presently, AI-based solutions are being used to solve business problems and facilitate entrepreneurs to transform the way they conduct operations.

Have a look at some of the statistics that will reveal the future of AI in business.

According to IDC FutureScaped, it is believed that by 2018, 75% of developer teams will include AI functionality in one or more application or service.

The 2016 survey revealed that 58% of enterprise business executives are presently using predictive analytics within their organization (Narrative Science)

According to Gartner, by 2025, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without human intervention.

45% of fastest growing companies worldwide will employ smart machines and virtual assistants instead of people by 2018 (Gartner)

From the above statistics, it is clear that the impact of AI will be largely seen in the business arena. If you are thinking of expanding the business network, check out the AI tools you should deploy to reap the benefits. Let’s have a look at some of them.


Entrepreneurs are stuck in day-to-day meetings and interaction with clients, investors, and employees. Amy is an innovative AI chatbot solution to help save your valued time for other important tasks. The core of the system is to help you schedule meetings. Moreover, it will help you arrange meetings, venue and time upon receiving the meeting request.

Amy is a top-notch AI chatbot that needs no download or signup. The free version offers five meetings in a month. While professional and business packages come at a premium of $39/month and $59/month respectively.

Sometimes, you might get surprised when closing a sale. You don’t have any clue what has happened and led to the successful sale. incorporates machine learning to analyze what strategies and actions led to the successful sale. integrates Natural Language Processing algorithms that run through calendars, emails and phone conversations. The tool will help you get the complete picture of sales actions across your organization. Whether you want to take the lead or leave your competitor behind, will let you know what top leaders are doing that others are ignoring. Moreover, synchronizes sales activities in your CRM system to ensure accurate reporting and data analytics.


When it comes to verbal communication, you need to have perfect grammar, style, and spelling to impress your audience as an entrepreneur. The trustworthiness of your business and professionalism is contingent on how well you communicate without any errors.

Grammarly is one of the best tools to help you recognize spelling errors, grammatical errors and writing style. Both available in paid and free version, Grammarly will help you stay error-free and away from any glitches that might lead to annoying customers.

Legal Robot

Nobody likes to be trapped in the hands of legal punishment. Entrepreneurs are always scared of such kind of bindings and that is why Legal Robot is here to rescue you. The AI tool helps you automate legal processes and have an instant check on any errors before you sign the document.

Moreover, it switches traditional legal processes like contract reviews with an automated intelligent assistant. Through legal language model, the intelligent assistant flags issues and proposes perfections by considering best practices, risk factors, and jurisdiction differences.


It is quite frustrating for an entrepreneur to grab a paper and pen to take notes and client is in rush. Tetra is here to take care of your annoyance and have a stress free call. It uses AI to take notes on the phone calls without distracting you.

Moreover, some of us are not good at listening and the problem arises when client have repeated the same word but you could not understand. Tetra is here to help you out and remember everything by collecting key details, collect and organize everything your team has been working on.

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