Blockchain Will Give Full Control to Creators 

An important frustration of content creators is the difficulty in protecting your copyright. Even this article is likely to appear on other websites apart from LinkedIn, without my permission and without me being able to do anything about it. Ripping videos off YouTube is extremely easy and websites such as the Pirate Bay continue to exist, thereby damaging those who created the content.

However, Block chain offers immutable, verifiable and traceable records. Already, it can bring back data ownership to consumers and will do the same for content ownership. Recording metadata and copyright information on a block chain is the first step to put content creators more in control as it establishes undeniably who created what content when. This information can be used to take back control if someone violates your copyright, but it is not yet sufficient to bring back control completely.

To achieve that, we also need to establish a decentralized infrastructure where content creators know when their content is distributed across the web by whom. If that information is available in real-time, the next step should be to allow content creators to deny the content distribution through certain channels, for whatever reason. This would require an additional layer on the web. A difficult challenge and exactly what we are working on to achieve with my new venture

The final stage of giving back control to creators is real-time payment when content is consumed, directly from consumer to producer, without intermediaries confiscating the revenue. Multiple Block chain startups are working on this, including Akasha,, Decent, Synereo and indeed, also we at It requires a cryptocurrency and real-time payments and distribution of revenues using smart contracts. Based on your input, you are rewarded accordingly, instantly. As such, Blockchain offers content creators the possibility to take back control and be rewarded fairly and instantly.

The Convergence of AI and Blockchain

When artificial intelligence and Blockchain are combined, it will truly help content creators to be more creative, create better content, take back control and make more revenue instantly. A true paradigm shift that enables us to move into the Imagination Age and limit the powers of current monopolies. However, the convergence of artificial intelligence and Blockchain offers an additional advantage. It offers us a chance to combat fake news, clickbait, spam and copyright infringements once and for all. Using artificial intelligence and the community to determine the quality of content and detect clickbait, fake news and spam with a blockchain-based content licensing and reputation system will help detect and flag such content.

Detecting and flagging such content is important in the Imagination Age; as Raymon Kurzweil states in The Singularity is Near; when we live in a world where anything can be imagined, imagination only becomes more important. However, the same goes for the quality of content. A world revolving around fake news, spam, clickbait and plagiarism is a poor world. If we allow content being controlled as well as monetary rewards being confiscated by a few tech giants, we have done something wrong. Therefore, it is time to create a better system, be more creative and reward content creators fairly and instantly. After all, especially in the Imagination Age where content creation becomes an important driver of economic value, we have a moral obligation to do so. It is time for change. It is time for the Imagination Age.

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