Technique 1: Guard Replacement with Hip Escape

Why? You'll utilize this side control escape more than some other side control escape from your first moves straight up to dark belt.  

You need to figure out how to move your hips on the base for all departures and this is the first you ought to learn. It shows you the 2 most imperative hip developments for getting away from the base in BJJ:  

 Hip escape  

Supplanting monitor is your main need when your adversary has passed your watch. What's more, in the event that you end up plainly talented at this side control escape procedure then you'll likewise take in a great deal about protect maintenance in BJJ – the developments can be fundamentally the same as with a considerable measure of persist between systems.  

Regular Mistake: Trying to seat press your rival off of you as opposed to utilizing your arms to make "outlines"  

Technique 2: Scissor Sweep  

Why? This compass shows all of you of the components that are utilized as a part of all other watch clears:  

Breaking the rival's adjust  

Moving your hips to make a point  

Controlling holds so adversary can't stance or post a hand  

Utilizing the energy of your legs rather than your abdominal area  

The scissors clear consolidates exceptionally well with numerous other watch strategies (the triangle and cross neckline stifle, for instance) in mix assaults.  

The scissor clear was the primary procedure in BJJ that I could really get on individuals in live competing!

Basic Mistake: Most tenderfoots neglect to execute a sharp draw to cockeyed the rival before endeavoring to scissor the legs.  

Technique 3: Triangle Choke from Guard  

Why? The triangle gag is one of the mark entries in BJJ. It works from white belt the distance to the most abnormal amounts of MMA and universal rivalry, both gi and no-gi.  

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The triangle gag shows you how to utilize your legs to assault and stifle your adversary. It is the essential risk from the base when you're gone up against with a bigger, more grounded adversary or a better wrestler whom you can't than switch and acquire the best position.  

The triangle stifle is exceptionally adaptable and can be setup a wide range of courses from the diverse gatekeepers. Initially you'll figure out how to accurately play out the mechanics of the essential triangle gag and later on, you will find that a wide range of streets lead there.  

Basic Mistake: Attacking the triangle when the adversary has a solid stance. Stance is the best resistance against the triangle and in the event that you are assaulting the triangle while your adversary has a solid barrier then your prosperity rate will be low.  

Technique 4: Cross Collar Choke from Guard  

Why? The cross neckline grasp is the beginning stage for your breadths and different assaults from the monitor.  

The essential neckline and sleeve grasp is the means by which you base your shut protect procedure. It is the beginning stage for the greater part of your other protect assault blends, including the past 2 strategies. It shows you how to utilize your grasp to control your rival's head and separate their stance.  

This was Helio Gracie's most loved assault from the protect and he significantly stifled a Japanese challenger oblivious with this system in an old highly contrasting match in Brazil.  

Basic Mistake: Not getting the direct sufficiently profound in the neckline. Rather achieve WAY profound into the neckline, and 'snatch the tag' at the back of the rival's neck.  

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