Sahara Mutual Fund schemes are among the pioneers of the mutual fund sector in India. Incorporated in 1995, as of 30 September 2017, it holds assets worth ₹ 65 crores. The company offers a variety of mutual funds. 

Sahara Mutual Fund Category - Sector –Banking and Finance 

This type of Mutual Fund is for those who seek long-term capital growth and at the same time can afford high risks. Its objective is to deliver long-term capital appreciation through investment in equities related and equities securities of firms whose business comprise of financial and banking services, either whole or in part. 

Options in this category are:

§  Sahara Banking and Finance Services – Dividend  

§  Sahara Banking and Finance Services – Growth

§  Sahara Banking and Finance Services – Direct Dividend

§  Sahara Banking and Finance Services – Direct Growth 

Sahara Mutual Fund Category – Tax Gain (ELSS) 

With the objective of providing immediate tax relief and long-term growth of capital to investors, it is aimed to people seeking investment in equity and equity-related securities including early derivatives. It is of moderate risk value. 

Sahara Mutual Funds available under this category are: 

§  Sahara Taxgain – Dividend

§  Sahara Taxgain – Growth

§  Sahara Taxgain – Direct Dividend

§  Sahara Taxgain – Direct Dividend 

Sahara Mutual Fund Category – Growth Fund 

The investment objective of this particular scheme is to achieve capital appreciation by investing in equity and equity related instruments.

Sub categories are:

§  Sahara Growth– Dividend Fund

§  Sahara Growth– Growth Fund

§  Sahara Growth– Direct Dividend Fund

§  Sahara Growth– Direct Growth Fund 

Sahara Mutual Fund Category – Infrastructure Fund 

It is one of the high-risk categories of Sahara Mutual Fund. The investment objective is to provide income distribution and the medium to long-term capital gains by investing in equity or equity-related instrument of companies, mainly in the infrastructure sector. 

Options are: 

§  Sahara Infrastructure – Fixed Pricing Option (FPO) – Dividend

§  Sahara Infrastructure – FPO – Growth
§  Sahara Infrastructure – FPO – Direct Dividend
§  Sahara Infrastructure – FPO – Direct Growth
§  Sahara Infrastructure – Variable Pricing Option (VPO) – Dividend
§  Sahara Infrastructure – VPO – Growth
§  Sahara Infrastructure – VPO – Direct Dividend
§  Sahara Infrastructure – VPO – Direct Growth
Sahara Mutual Fund Category – Income Fund
§ Sahara Liquid Fund – Fixed Pricing Option (FPO) – Direct Daily Dividend 

Sahara Mutual Fund Category – Midcap Fund 

It is an open-ended Growth Fund with an objective to achieve long-term capital growth at the medium level of risks by investing primarily in mid-cap stocks, posing a moderate risk.  Subtypes: 

§  Sahara Midcap– Dividend Fund

§  Sahara Midcap– Growth Fund

§  Sahara Midcap– Bonus Options Fund

§  Sahara Midcap– Growth Auto Earnings Payout Fund  

Sahara Mutual Fund Category – R.E.A.L. Fund 

A high-risk Sahara Mutual Fund, its objective is to provide long-term capital gains by investing predominantly in equity related or equity instrument of companies in the Entertainment & Media, Retailing, Auto & auto ancillaries and Logistics sector. This scheme is suitable for investors who are seeking long Term Capital Growth. Further subtypes: 

§  Sahara R.E.A.L. Funds – Dividend  

§  Sahara R.E.A.L. Funds – Growth

§  Sahara R.E.A.L. Funds – Direct Dividend

§  Sahara R.E.A.L. Funds – Direct Growth 

The primary objective of the scheme is to generate income by capitalizing in a portfolio of sovereign and corporate debt instruments and at the same time deliver continuous liquidity along with realistic security. This scheme is aimed at investors, who are seeking regular income or capital appreciation in short, medium and long-term investment in Money Market Instruments, Corporate Debt & Govt. Securities. Its subcategories are:

§  Sahara Income Fund – Dividend

§  Sahara Income Fund – Growth

§  Sahara Income Fund-Direct Dividend 

§  Sahara Income Fund-Direct Growth 

Sahara Mutual Fund Category – Liquid Fund 

Suitable for investors who are looking for regular income generation in short term to medium term, a highly liquid portfolio of money market debt instruments and low risk, this category aims at creating a highly liquid portfolio of good quality debt as well as money market instruments with a view to provide high liquidity and reasonable returns to the unit holders, while at all times emphasizing the importance of capital preservation. 

§  Sahara Liquid Fund –FPO – Direct  Growth

§  Sahara Liquid Fund –FPO – Direct Monthly Dividend

§  Sahara Liquid Fund –FPO – Direct Weekly Dividend

§  Sahara Liquid Fund – Variable Pricing Option (VPO) – Direct Daily Dividend

§  Sahara Liquid Fund –VPO – Direct Growth

§  Sahara Liquid Fund –VPO – Direct Monthly Dividend

§  Sahara Liquid Fund –VPO – Direct Weekly Dividend

§  Sahara Liquid Fund –FPO – Daily Dividend

§  Sahara Liquid Fund –FPO – Growth

§  Sahara Liquid Fund –FPO – Monthly Dividend

§  Sahara Liquid Fund –FPO –  Weekly Dividend

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