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Switching from Java to Big Data/Hadoop Career: The Whys and Hows

Simond Gear 1717 10-Aug-2017

Once in a while, there may come a feeling that you are stuck in the same job profile and living a monotonous professional life. This generally leads to the realization that a change in your profile is much needed. If you are someone who is looking to switch your profile from a Java development role to big data, then this article will act as a guide to help you.

Java software development was a hugely popular career a few years back when the IT industry was at its peak. But as we all know things change and currently there’s a new area in the technology world which is getting a lot of attention, big data. Big data has been said to be one of the most lucrative fields currently and big data Hadoop developers are in great demand. 

How will you benefit from the move?

Let us look at some of the advantages of switching from Java development to big data: 

Growing job opportunities in big data

The number of job opportunities in big data/Hadoop is increasing while that of Java has become slow. In the job posting trends as shown below, the number of job postings for Java have dropped tremendously in the last three years; while there is a steady growth in the big data and Hadoop job postings. 

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Skill gap

The number of skilled professionals in the industry as compared to the requirements in the industry is very low. This can be seen from the number of job seekers in that field. It’s very low as compared to Java job seekers. This will help you to get good job opportunities easily. 

Better average salary

When you compare the average salary of a big data professional and a Java software developer, you will find that professionals in the big data industry usually have a better salary package than that of those Java software developers. 

Big data is used across different industries

Switching your career to big data will help you to work in different industries other than IT or software. Big data analytics is used across various industries like healthcare, consumer, technology, banking and energy. 

How can you make the move?

You must have often heard about software developers making a switch to big data. Here is how you can make it without a lot of efforts: 

Hadoop is Java-based

Since Hadoop is a Java-based programming framework used extensively in big data, switching to big data/Hadoop is easy for Java professionals. The processing engine of Hadoop, MapReduce, is basically written in Java programming language. Thus, in order to deploy Hadoop frameworks successfully, one must be fluent in the Java language. 

Big data industry needs Java developers

Organizations who are using Hadoop framework to perform big data analytics need Java developers. They wouldn’t want someone whom they have to train in Java. These companies pay a large salary hike to get the best Java developers who can work in Hadoop. 

Getting certified

Most of the high-paying jobs in the big data field are for experienced professionals. If you have practical knowledge in Hadoop or have a certification, the chances of getting a good hike are higher. There are various Hadoop certifications which you can enroll in to become an expert. 

Bottom Line

If you are worried about the IT jobs getting stagnant, you just need to rethink your career options and move on from being a Java software developer to a big data career. You will feel later that you have made the correct decision and keep up with the changing technology landscape.

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Updated 20-Mar-2018

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