MVC is an architecture pattern for web application development used by most of the web developers and also supported by most of the web programming language like ASP, JSP, Servlet etc.MVC is an architecture pattern for web application development. Asp. Net web applications which follow MVC architecture pattern, in which ‘M’ stands for Model, ‘V’ stands for View and ‘C’ for controller.

MVC is a Software Design Pattern for developing Web Application.MVC separates the given application into three interconnected parts. ASP.NET MVC framework has been a real advantage and most helpful pattern for developers to build ASP.NET Site applications.

A MVC is made up of the following parts:

1.    Model

2.    View, &

3.    Controller



The Model is responsible for managing the data of Business Logic & validation application. Model responds to the request from the view .It is mainly responsible for maintaining data.


View is responsible for UI i.e. displaying all the database records to the user .A view request the information from the model.


Controller handles the user interaction .Controller is a software code that controls the interaction between the model and view. In simple word controller is mediator between view and controller.

Why use MVC?

MVC is a software design pattern for implementing user interfaces on computers. You can develop without using patterns but they are really good for code reuse, parallel development and understanding what did you developed when you are looking at your code several years later. But if you don’t want to use Model, don’t use an opinionated framework

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