The Best Marrakech Restaurant

Cafe des epices Marrakech have plenty of chairs with the super classy environment. A couch is often a good idea to provide a more comfortable and homely feel inside Cafe des epices. you like dishes from all around the world and can’t settle for just one, you’ll love this Moroccan restaurant. cafe des epices Best Marrakech Restaurant. In the Lobby Bar you can have a coffee or a long drink at any time of the day. This Cafe so beautiful and providing tasty food.

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Cafe des

Cafe des

Known by travelers the world over, Café des Epices is an obligatory stop in the heart of the Marrakesh souks. Nestled in one of the most typical squares of the medina, the Café was the pioneer of the new Marrakech food scene, offering simple refreshments and food at any hour, from breakfast to dinner. The colors and décor are designed by Anne Favier to recreate traditional Marrakesh. Red Marrakesh tadelakt, rough wooden tables, suspended hammam buckets, woven reed furniture, and traditional


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