Bed bugs can be the cause of spreading diseases. Their presence may be the cause of consciousness and lead to lack of sleep and eventually itching at its areas affected. Itching can be intense and cause secondary level skin diseases. As these are parasites, it can multiply in number. They are tiny creatures that can’t fly and are of roughly one-quarter inch small, reddish-brown and look more like a seed before bitten. They come during night time and are found in furniture and cushions and mattress. Pest control can be done if the right measures are taken and eventually bed bug inspection and treatment can be done.

Health Risk of Bedbugs

Allergic Reaction to Bites

Bed beg normally bites to feed on the host blood and make it go to severe allergic problems, leading to allergic reaction and body swelling up with redness. Anaphylactic shock is one such case due to parasite bites and also can increase wheezing, itchy lips and so forth. 


Living in a house of bed bugs can be paranoing as it may multiply and turn out to be visible on a bed, and even curtains creating damage to the property and moreover sucking our blood, creating small sought of anxiety eventually. Diseases like heart-related can occur and blood pressure for the older generation, leading to harmful diseases, try Pest Control Acacia Ridge.

Infection From Scratches

Bed bugs can tend to itch and can create a lot of scratching, where bed bugs tend to bite at ankles or visible area of the body, where the itching is intense causing flesh wounds early in the morning. Germs and bacteria enter which then endorse a problem. Symptoms like tender bumps, redness and swelling are formed at these cases. Some infections are boils, impetigo and cellulitis.

Sleep Deprivation

Bed bug elimination is required as too much of it cause sleep deprivation, the thought of bugs crawling around would let go one's sleep. Less sleep can cause a lot of problems like heart diseases, accidents and impaired thinking.


  • If bed bugs bite you make sure, take pain relievers like naproxen and ibuprofen. Apply steroidal anti-itch cream which contains cortisone or hydrocortisone. Calamine lotion is also effective, intake of oral antihistamine tablet which controls swelling and rash caused by bites and topical anaesthetic like pramoxine for pain relief and itch control, diphenhydramine.
  • Make sure the suitcase is kept not on the floor but racks or any at a higher inch so that easy access of bed bugs don't happen and wash all her clothes and dry it for 30 minutes.
  • Also, keep the surroundings clean, never accumulate clutter and clean all the ends and vacuum the mattress every week.

How can We Help You?

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