Viasat Internet Service which was known as Exede Internet is the best satellite Internet provider in the United States. HughesNet is also a satellite internet provider but it isn’t up to Viasat Internet standards. Viasat Internet is a satellite Internet, provides the Internet to all the areas covering every nook and corner of the country especially to the rural areas

Features of Viasat Internet

  • Viasat Internet offers its customers high-speed internet without any data caps
  • However, there are soft data caps that slow down your Internet speed if you exceed the allocated limit
  • You can choose from Viasat’s broad range of Internet plans, the plan which suits you the most
  • Viasat Internet offers you a stable and reliable internet that doesn’t waver and have network connection issues often like others as a result of it being a satellite network

Viasat vs Exede

  • In the beginning, Viasat rolled out the Internet plans under the ‘Exede’ name
  • After that, due to the complications, Viasat reverted back to using the ‘Viasat’ name
  • They recently have launched a brand new satellite ‘Viasat-2’ with a whopping 300gbps network capacity

Viasat TV services

Viasat offers you a combination of Internet and DirecTV bundles that you can choose from.You often get a discount on the Viasat bundle deals that you can make use of it

48% of Viasat Internet customers chose it to be the best Internet network! Viasat Internet constantly hopes to satisfy and please its customers by offering many deals and bundle offers

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