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termite is known as the Group of insects eat cellulose, as and referred to as ' termites ' does not belong to the normal Ant species, although the social system corresponds to the special system of ants and bees, and scientists believe that termite species closer to a class Cockroaches than regular ants, termites are therefore classified into retinas family suites .

Termite colonies

 Termites live in colonies underground collective, where life is divided into three basic layers of these colonies: worker layer, layer, layer producers from Queens and Kings were responsible for breeding, where is the working ants layer being invisible only if Discovered in the holes in the wood, they feed on wood and cause damage, it should be noted that this category lived for about five years, plus they are characterized by being with yellow heads and large jaw, working Ant length about 0.63 cm layer soldiers, featuring the number lower, and their job is Protect the colony in case of external attack where soldiers used their jaw, as for layer Queens, Kings, featuring a dark brown or black, and have a couple of transparent wings of equal length, as this class is solely responsible for reproduction in the colony.

Termite control

More places to spread of termites

 Termites are distributed widely, being contains 2750 different species, especially in tropical rain forests around the world, where in North America, particularly in Vancouver and Colombia, as exists on the Pacific coast, Eastern Canada, and the Atlantic coast, many States South and North Korea and European Japan and South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, and many other countries

Installing Ant body

 Termites can be distinguished from other species of insects, by paying attention to body structure, which features several things including:

 Possession of termites elongate, so he's got no waist at the center of his body.

Possession of termites straight antennae.

Possession of termite wings of equal size and shape, as have their wings are longer than the body.

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