Differences between Visual Studio 15 and 17

With the release of the new version of Visual Studio, Everyone’s is curious in knowing that what is different in the latest version? and why they upgrade to the newer one? if the previous one is getting their work done. Do they get anything fresh or just some improvements? Here you will get your all answers one by one with a full difference between the former vs2015 and the latest one Visual Studio 2017. 

We’ll compare both the versions with the changes made in the newer version 2017: 


Visual Studio 2017 released with a new, renovated installer. The previous versions took hours to install, which could be a painful experience for many. Now, this pain can be less and you would love the 2017 version for this. Also it has more new features, like it installs faster with less system engagement, no garbage files are left after un-installation, reduces the imprints of Visual Studio, to select and install only the features you need, is made easier for you.    

2.A new start page 

The 2017 version of Visual studio is enhanced with new star page design than the previous 2015 version has. Its Start Page has new Create and Open facilities like, Most Recent Used items on start page shows repos so that you can easily clone them on your present machine that you have cloned previously on another machines, A More Refined visual design for utilization of white space and to give feedback about elements on small screens, It Page have a list of recently used templates and searchable templates to create new projects directly. Also, the ‘Get started section can be now dismissed. 

3.Live unit testing 

This feature of 2017 version will make easy for you to maintain quality and test coverage during rapid development and take your productivity to the next level. Imagine you are fixing a bug in a code base which you may not be completely familiar with. Using Live Unit Testing you can straight forward know, as you are making edits to fix the bug that you did not break any other part of the system. Live Unit Testing automatically runs the impacted unit tests in the background as you edit code, and visualizes the results and code coverage live, in the editor, in real-time.On the contrary, the 2015 version does not possess live tester. 

4.New Exception handler 

In 2017 version, you can take help from the new exception helper to view compact information about exceptions, the inner exceptions are instantaneously accessed in a non-modal dialog. You can instantly see inside this for which value is null checking for Null Reference Exception. You can also now break the exception types that are thrown by any particular module. On the other hand, the 2015 version have a simple exception handler that only works on the user provided code. 

5.Debugging- Run to Click 

In 2017 version, you need not to perform as many steps to execute the coding and to stop as was in 2015 version. You can now normally click the icon present close to the code line. With the new 'Run to click' debugging feature you no longer need to set temporary breakpoints or perform several steps to execute your code and stop on the line you want. 

6.New Extensible Features 

While the 2015 version doesn’t provide the the full control access over the installed tools and extensions the latest 2017 release, provides you full control over the installed tools. Users will also now get warning on attempting to install any extension.  

Other Improvements in Visual Studio 2017 than 2015 version 

•The GitHub extension is included and can be selected in the new version.

•To reduce solution load time and startup time, the version has been optimized.

•Reload All Projects get changed with Reload Solution to provide better execution of switching branches external to Visual Studio.

•It can now oversee extensions capability that has an effect on solution load, editing, or startup.

•The dialog box for account settings is now clearer to screen readers.

•Replacing VSHub, a new external service host got introduced.


  Modified On Mar-18-2018 11:40:50 PM

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