Google Disavow tool

Google Disavow tool

Now a days the importance of backlinks is clear to everyone. Many sites make a link to your site and it gives improvement to your website ranking. The matter is that the linked sites should be relevant to your website. If not there will be a bad impact on your website ranking. Another problem is that if your website contains gambling or non-relevant site, Google will penalize your website. To avoid these type of irrelevant backlinks Google has introduced Disavow tool. This is the way you can suggest Google not to count the unnecessary URLs in the indexing of your website. To implement this, the first step is to make a text file and to include all such URLs. Then, it will have to be sent to Google as a reference.

With the help of google disavow you can communicate with google to tell them which link you want to consider when google rank your site or make an SEO matrix of your website,

If you are going to use the google Disavow tool, there will be some of the warnings from Google. The reason of the alert message is that the program has been implemented in an advanced way and if they are not used properly, the respective site may experience a bad impact. Moreover, before you disavow any back link, analyze the same very carefully that the back link is highly spam my and irrelevant to your site. Google guides to remove such links first and then disavow them. So, these are all about the beginning of Disavow tool. Now discover the process and benefits of using the same.

There are some advantage of using Google Disavow tool.

You should have to use Google Disavow tool if you have received warnings to be penalized by Google regarding website backlinks.

You may use the Disavow tool to keep your site under strong surveillance that should help to remove the offend links form your site links.

Use the Disavow tool if you have an algorithmic problem.     

                   The main motive of Google Disavow tool, as mentioned above, is to request removal of unnatural and low-quality back links that harmful your website from a ranking point of view.  It is very important to websites who are exposed to these types of links and offers them a chance to clean up their act.

So these things are all about your website safety from penalized and bounced links. According to Matt Cutts, “consider the Disavow tool as a matter of routine link auditing”. It is very true that the backlinks of a site is the most important factor of SEO. So, you must have to make it more secure and safe. To follow the same you should need regular audits. So use the Disavow tool in a better manner and assure your ranking improve for upcoming years. 

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