Links with do-follow and no-follow attribute make more difference in SEO strategy. Many site owners think that no-follow links are bad for SEO and it affects the SERP result. But practically it was not the case! As per the Google scenario, it’s the do-follow links which create some negative effect when it was from the unrelated sites. 


Are you confused with the do-follow and no-follow attributes?

The links with the do-follow attributes are crawled by the Google or other search engine bots. So          do-follow links must be from the relevant and high PR sites, as it was crawled by the search engine bots. Do-follow link plays an important role in increasing SERP results if it links from high PR sites.

At the same time, links with no-follow attributes are not crawled by the search engine bots. Many websites provide no-follow links. Though it won’t influence SERP result, these links may bring huge traffic to your websites which indirectly helps in improvement of SERP results. The amount of traffic depends on the popularity of the site linking to you.

Hence no-follow links do not harm the ranking of the website; instead, they help to increase traffic to your website.

  Modified On Mar-16-2018 11:49:24 PM

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