Software Analysts must first identify problem and understand the problem to be solved or the processes to be improved. Analysts typically collect relevant data collection from the field and interview clients or managers involved in the software processes. Analysts show the implications of pursuing different actions and may assist in achieving a consensus on how to proceed.                           

In software development operations research analysts are involved in all aspects of an problem. They help managers decide how to allocate resources, develop software product production schedules, manage the supply chain. For example, they may help decide how to organize software products in supermarkets or help companies figure out the most effective way to ship and distribute software products. 

Different problems of organized systems have common structures. The most types of structure have been identified as prototype problems, and extensive work has been done on modeling and solving them. 

Operation research in software development is a methodology used for identifying and selecting the best course of action for solving problems from the available alternatives it is a scientific system approach to aid decision making through an team effort 

Operation research can be applied to different fields, such as, defense services, Research and development, agriculture and irrigation and public systems 

Software development organization use different types of software tools for identifying and resolving different problems. These tools include linear programming,  dynamic programming, goal programming, and non-linear programming 

The advantage of operation research in software development include informed decision making, better control of operation, cost reduction. 

Better team coordination and better systems. However, there are certain limitation to operation research which include complex calculation, lack of trained personnel, gap between managers and operation research specialists and high cost.


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