Developing a software product and sitting back waiting someone to buy it is not going to help you. If you have developed a software product and want to sell it in retail or to a company or client, it’s very important that you have establish a brand identity. To sell your product which is packed with great features and benefits that you have made through programming, it’s important to tell people about these feature through special branding. You simply can’t rely on your software products’ features to make sales for you whether it is intended for desktop use or is a software as a service platform. Software companies have to face stiff competition in the market, not only they have to reach the right audience at the right time with the right benefits, but also have to convince the audience that they are honest and their product are made with integrity specially for them. That’s what branding is all about.

Branding your software product and your software company is very important because your customers need to feel that you really care for them. When customers trust and believe in a brand they eventually buy the products of that brand. Brand loyalty and reputation is a demanding asset which all companies strive. Thus, your software has to be branded in a way that solves a specific problem or set of problems for a well-targeted audience.

The development of science is iniquitous. This is true in so far as the areas of research are determined by the paradigms of the Western developed countries, ignoring the needs of the developing countries. Not only have they stolen the traditional knowledge of such countries but also reduced them to status of consumers of such knowledge. The distribution of fruits of scientific development is even more iniquitous. This has disempowered not only nations but individuals all over the world. There is an increasing commercial orientation of science as the primary sources of funds today are the corporates whose only concern is the marketability of the products of scientific research. 

Branding is also important because then you can promote your company with this brand value and brand image to win over a specific market segment. Branding also involves some strategy and rules and regulations. Establishing your company as the expert in one particular area is much better than trying to market to a variety of market segment at once. It’s very important to understand that, to concentrate your efforts is to concentrate your wealth. 

As you can see, branding has a significant effect on how software is deployed and marketed. Thus, it’s important to define the benefits of your software and who will enjoy those benefits. Thus this is the only way to brand your product and make it a success.

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