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SFDC Flow: Add a Record Update element

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SFDC Flow: Add a Record Update element


In my previous post SFDC Flow: Add a Record Create Element, we learn how to add a Record create element in SFDC flow. Here, we move to next step, and see how to add a record Update element in SFDC flow

Add a Record Update Element

Now let’s add a Record Update element to update the relevant Merchandise record, reducing the quantity available by the quantity ordered in the line item.

1. From the Palette tab, drag the Record Update onto the canvas.

2. For the Name, enter Decrement Available Stock.

    The Unique Name is automatically populated based on this entry

3. For the Update field, enter Merchandise__c.

4. Set the filter criteria so that the flow updates only the Merchandise record associated with the line item.

                      Field                         Value

                      Field                          Id

                      Operator                  equals

                       Value                       {!Merchandise}

5. In the Field column for updating record fields, enter Quantity__c.

6. In the Value column, click the arrow and select CREATE NEW > Formula.

7. Configure the formula to subtract the quantity ordered in the line item from the quantity of Merchandise.

                         Field                             Value

                         Unique Name              fDecrementAvailableStock

                         Value Data Type          Number

                         Scale                               0

                         Formula text box         {!vQuantityAvailable} - {!Quantity_Ordered}



8. Click OK.

The Formula overlay closes, and the Record Update overlay appears.


9. Click OK.

10. Drag the node from the bottom of the Record Create element onto the Record Update element to connect them.

11. Click Save.


Next we need to add the confirmation screen in SFDC flow ,which we see in my next post.



**This document is referred from salesforce help tutorials

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