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7 mind blowing traditional outfit ideas for men and women

Vinod Patel 896 25-Jul-2019

With the spreading multiculturism around, we often find ourselves adopting various aspects from every culture. Be it Yoga or Kung Fu or any dance, it has all been globalized due to our keenness to know more. Fashion is one such adaptation of cultures all around. We all wear what we represent as a group.

Here are 7 mind blowing traditional outfit ideas for the culture enthusiast in you. You can wear them at your parties or festivals or even day to day life to make you look out of the box.

1. Albanian Traditional Dress

Suns, eagles, moons, stars, and snakes symbolically printed on a woven loom forms a classy attire of Albanian folk culture. With a cotton like and calming fabric and a free pleated bottom for both men and women, it is a comfortable dress to wear at your traditional get-together. Fustenella are traditional skirt-like garment for men and Xhubleta for women.

Brez are traditional belts, which are worn by Albanian men. The costume includes headgears like Albanian hat for men and Kapika for women; traditional socks named Corape.

2. Traditional Spanish Outfits

Traje de Chulapa (for women) and Traje de Chulapo (for men) are the ideal ones for you as couple. It is a traditional wear in Madrid. It will help you slay the party with a combination of dark and light color scheme.

For women there is a tight zero size blouse followed by a freestyle skirt. It is worn with a head scarf and a Manilla shawl. For men there are dark bottoms accompanied by light colored vests.

All combined will make you an outfit ideal to host a stylish and sophisticated look.

3. Traditional African Dress

Of all the African dresses, the most comfortable for women is the Dashiki. It is a colorful printed dress for informal usage and if used in formal purposes the print comes in greyish schemes too. These plus size Dashiki dress are a great pullover dresses to wear in ubiquity.

Dashiki for men has a different outlook altogether. It has a patch work of Dashiki put on a kurta either printed or plain. It makes a good outfit for a festive season.

4. Hawaiian Traditional Dress

By Hawaiian dress we always imagine a happy man or woman on a beach, half naked in a peaceful beach setting. It is much more delicate and good-looking, designed specially for Hawaiian climate.

Being made of natural fibre, trees and other materials, it has a cool look. Mostly these are floral printed skirts for both genders and a sleeveless top for women. You can always wear these on your beach holidays and have a mini Hawaiian theme party.

5. Portugese Traditional Dress

These dresses are inspired by ancient Portugese farmers and fisherman and thus have a certain rural look in them. They have embroidery and woven art on the top gear.

Women wear a petticoat on the outside and a loose shirt inside, generally of white color. The petticoat is kept floral and colorful. The petticoats are called Boufant skirts. Men wear short knee length trousers or long ones along with waistcoat.

For a cold winter weather, you can also accompany this with a short furry coat called as “Samarra”.

6. Indian Traditional Dress

They are the most pompous of all the traditional dresses in the list. They are available in many forms: woven, embriodered and sewed in many shapes.

The most famous among women is “Saree”, a 5-6 meter long and 1 meter broad piece of cloth, which is wrapped around the body. It is available in all color combination and many material choices

For men the most famous is kurta and pyjamas. Kurtas are a long sleeved and long length attire accompanied with the freestyle trouser called pyjamas.

You can always go for an Indian attire for a traditional party as the variety of designs go with every theme.

7. Japanese Traditional Dress

Kimono is a T shaped wrapped garment. Most often worn by women, its modern variants are also available for men and children. They were originally sewn by hands.

They are available in long and short variants. Modern Kimonos are available is shrugs form also. So if you intend to have a Japanese touch along with keeping the modern look, Kimono will suit you well.

Updated 25-Jul-2019

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