Top Data Science Certifications Required to Become a Skilled Data Scientist

What’s your take on entering the data science career field? A data scientist job role only gets sexier today. Fueled by artificial intelligence, the demand for skills in data science only keeps growing. However, if one may notice, there is a deficit of skilled professionals in the industry. Apart from AI, the rise of machine learning has triggered the growth of the data scientist.
Well, if you’re looking to market your skills and grow in your IT career, then probably it’s a great time to enter the data science market today.

Data scientists have been considered expert professionals who with their magic wand are turning massive data into predicting positive insights regarding the growth of the company and where it's headed. Data science professionals have always stayed in demand. Now especially with large enterprises and startups looking forward to investing in this technology, almost most industries are becoming data-driven.

Have a look at the best data science certifications:

•    IBM

IBM (International Business Machines) is in constant work in creating an easy learning process for those looking for a data science course. They also offer cognitive classes which cover topics such as “Data Science Fundamentals” where one can learn the methodology on data science, hands-on applications programming languages such as R and other open-source tools. This can be an ideal course for candidates looking to begin their career in data science. However, having a basic foundation is an added advantage.

•    Data Science Council of America

The Data Science Council of America (DASCA) provides data science certification both for early bird starters and even professionals looking to scale in their professional career. It has been specially designed to address the credentialing system fulfilling the needs of the current industry requirement. As we’re aware the current industry is in a search for experts having data scientist skills. This certification program offers robust tracks for professionals who have already been in the industry and are looking for an upgrade.

One of the most renowned credentials offered by this certification body is the principal data scientist. This is ideal for professionals who are looking to take strides in the data science realm. DASCA offers one of the world’s best certification programs accredited across the globe extending a hand in identifying elite data scientists.

•    California Institute of Technology

This institute of technology offers a data science course – Learning from Data that aims at teaching machine learning. You can find courses in the form of video lectures wit assignments and once the assignments have been completed, one would be eligible for taking the exams during the end. Prior to this course, the candidates must have a working knowledge of calculus and matrices. Machine learning is based on mathematics, thus having prior knowledge in this field is recommended.

•    Cloudera

Cloudera comes under one of the top big data and data analytics certification program. This gives hands-on skills in foundational data science. Professionals who take up data science certification from here helps in assessing skills of data analysts, machine learning engineers, statisticians and other developers on big data tools and technologies.

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