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How to layer your jewellery in 5 easy steps

Tahir Awan 723 22-Jul-2019

Jewellery is one of the most important ingredients women have in their wardrobe. Not only for special occasions, but jewellery is also an important essential with any formal, casual or professional outfit. However getting ready for a special occasion such as a wedding or birthday party of your best friend, you need to wear a lot of jewellery. This comes with a lot of effort to layer the best pieces of jewellery together. However, sometimes ladies do make mistakes that ruin the overall style. Here we are sharing how to layer your jewellery in 5 easy steps.

Start with mixing more prominent jewellery items:

There are all sorts of jewellery that you can try for any occasion. However, some jewellery pieces are much more prominent than others. Taking an example, a necklace or earring is much more prominent than an anklet. The best way to start mixing the jewellery is to start with pieces that are more prominent on your body. Try to keep everything as simple as possible and do not overdo any single thing. Keeping it simple would just be normal while overdoing can simply make it look unnatural and odd.

Try different lengths of necklaces:

The necklace is one of the most important jewellery accessories. It is also essential for any special occasion. However, when you are trying to mix up a few necklaces together, there is special care about the length. Because necklaces will hang around on your neck, you do not want them to overlap each other and ruin your style. So, the best way to wear necklaces is to wear different lengths. However, you will need to shop all necklaces together, click here to check jewellery online in Pakistan.

Make a contrast:

When layering jewellery it is also very important to not all things similar, rather the best practice is to make a contrast among delicate jewellery pieces. Keeping all things in similar tone is not recommended by fashion experts. Rather you can go the extra step and make a little contrast among pieces such as necklace and earrings. However, at some places keeping them all simple and similar is what you will need.

Keep a balance:

Wearing a jewellery is going to be the best way to increase your chances of becoming the face of any party, however, keeping a balance among jewellery pieces is also very important. Keep a different kind of delicate ornaments on single sides. Keep a balance among soft and heavier looks. Do not keep one look more on your clothes.

Updated 22-Jul-2019
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