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Fleet Safety is Easy to Achieve with IoT

Akash Soni 1490 22-Jul-2019

Transportation is the one industry/sector that holds the maximum employees across the globe. If government statistics are to be believed, the transportation sector and its relevant industries employ over 13.3 million people. In the United States alone, this sector provides employment to almost 9.1 percent of the workers. A profitable and steady rise, employment has been a constant since 2011 to 2015. Unbelievably, this headcount has exceeded the pre-recession degree. Alas, in 2017, the number decreased to 13.3 million.

Fleet Safety is Easy to Achieve with IoT

There are no points for guessing that carrying passengers and freight from one end to the other has significantly improved the lifestyle standard. Our lifestyles would have been much less exciting without the advantages of transportation. We can now easily travel across the world, meet business demands and visit our loved ones effortlessly. Additionally, in our everyday life, reaching office on time and getting our favorites delivered at our door step from a virtual cart has become a smooth transportation processes.

Are you a fleet manager?

Fleet managers tend to lose sleep over their fleet status and personnel. Reports show that numerous accidents have taken place due to vehicle functioning failure, adverse climatic conditions, inappropriate road conditions and more. To stop these from repeating, IoT has come up with Fleet Management solutions. Now gathering knowledge on vehicle optimization, real time reports on vehicle status, speed correction and traffic conditions awareness is now effortless.

With IoT, these are the things of the past. Let us discover the ways in which IoT applications have intensified vehicle safety.

Real Time Vehicle Conditions

Fleet Safety is Easy to Achieve with IoT

IoT in fleet management provides data about the vehicle conditions. This helps in understanding the potential left in the vehicle. By this, the vehicle owner takes the vehicles for servicing at the right time. Skipping vehicle servicing can lead to hazardous situations. Thus, IoT sensors make sure to alert the vehicle owners on time through a notification.

Better Vehicle Optimization  

Fleet Safety is Easy to Achieve with IoT

The adequate utilization of vehicles by the transportation safety officers is vital. IoT fleet management system processes the data collected by high quality sensors. Next that is processed for making the perfect strategy to minimize accidents. Additionally disciplined road safety measures too are taken.

No More Over Speeding

Fleet Safety is Easy to Achieve with IoT

There is a speed limit set by the fleet managers for their vehicles. This is their way to maintain safety. If by any chance the drivers will cross that, the fleet managers will get a notification at their phone. The driver who is crossing the speed limit will also get an alert indicating him to slow down the vehicle. This promotes better safety for both the driver as well as for the goods to be shipped. Roads safety is a priority for the fleet managers. Hence, being aware of the speed with which a driver is running a vehicle is an advantage. Eventually, this promising IoT solution reduces accidents and gives safety an entire new meaning.

Accurate Data on Traffic Conditions  

Fleet Safety is Easy to Achieve with IoT

With growing urbanization, the traffic conditions have become adverse. One factor leading to frequent road accidents are traffic conditions. IoT driven sensors are installed in different parts of the roads to reach a solution. They sense when a vehicle is in the danger zone. Be it due to over speeding or due to terrible road conditions. Thus, they indicate the drivers to remain alert. This saves the fleet from meeting with fatal accidents. So much before an accident prone area, a driver gets the indication to remain alert. 

On a concluding note

Almost 13.3 million employees belonging to the transportation and related industries had lost their jobs in 2017. In the transportation industry, several operations exist. Like manufacturing cars, driving buses to administrating the intense complexities of fleet management. When it comes to the window of fleet management, the associated managers always face frequent challenges. Hence, IoT has designed fleet management systems stop various challenges from over shadowing the potential fleet services. IoT fleet management systems minimize vehicle investment risks, to reduce transportation & employment costs and to improve transport efficiency and increase productivity. This activates the overall productivity of the organization. Optimization of the company’s fleet management process happens almost overnight. Valuable insights like real time vehicle conditions, smarter vehicle optimization, curbing over speeding are just to name few advantages of IoT for the Fleet Industry. It is noteworthy how IoT has never made fleet management systems look back!

Updated 22-Jul-2019
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