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5 Must Read Pro Tips to Buy a Wireless Keyboard

5 Must Read Pro Tips to Buy a Wireless Keyboard

Andrew rockeert 661 12-Jun-2019

The keyboard is one of the most essential parts of your computer either it is desktop or laptop. In terms of usage, the keyboard is the second most used peripherals just after the mouse. As you are a tech geek person and needs to work about 5 to 7 hours a day in front of a computer, so comfort is the utmost urgency. And that’s the fine reason of evolution of wireless keyboards. 

Wireless keyboards have some certain and obvious benefits that the wired one. The most important one is, in case of wired keyboard you need to work in computer keeping your eye very close to the computer screen. This hampers the eyesight as well as your backbone. Whereas a wireless keyboard gives you the opportunity to work from a longer distance than a wired one. And most importantly, you can use a wireless keyboard sitting on a position suitable for you.

Today, I am going to discuss the 5 pro tips that you should check before buying a new wireless keyboard.

1. Check the technology the wireless keyboard is using to transfer signals to the computer. You should know that the latest technology offers much more convenience than older technologies. Infrared and Bluetooth are the most common form of technologies used in wireless keyboards. Before buying ensure that, you are buying the latest one. For example, prefer to buy Bluetooth V5.0 than Bluetooth V3.0.

2. Comfortability is the what you are in search of, right? So, before buying press some keys and check the force requires to type effectively. Moreover, you can also choose ergonomic keyboard (the keys are split into two parts and remain in some angle with one another). Ergonomic keyboards offer much more comfortability than the straight one as it is aligned to your hand’s angle with the keyboard.

3. Wireless keyboards are often pricey than the regular keyboards as the technology used is of the high end than the regular ones. So, try to buy them in a bundle, if possible. This may save some extra bucks.

4. Do not buy the keyboards that use, USB dongle(this is my personal opinion!!). Because having a dongle connected to your computer consumes extra power. Moreover, it also captures a valuable USB port for all the time of using a PC.

5. There are several types of wireless keyboards that are prepared based on purpose. For gamers, the keyboards are different than the media(movie, songs) users. For example, a gaming keyboard may have features like integrated LCD’s, backlighting, interchangeable number pads and so on. Whereas, a media keyboard may have a play, pause, volume up/down, screen brightness up/down option. You need to buy the wireless keyboard based on the purpose you are going to execute.

Keyboards are important! To keep yourself updated with the recent world, wireless keyboards could be the best choice, but before buying do not forget to check their features and functionality.

Updated 03-Oct-2020

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