Donuts are some of the most loved prepared snacks around the world. Americans absolutely love donuts and just cannot get enough of them. Most well-known donut brands have originated from the United States and are now moving across the world.

At its core the donut is a fried dough confectionary that has been shifted to a dessert by adding sweeteners to the dough and on top of the friend pieces as well. The flour dough is deep fried usually in the form of a ring that can be either with or without a large hole in the middle.

There are other shapes of donuts available as well and it is often topped up with any flavor ranging from chocolate, different fruits or just plain icing as well. The plain donuts are mostly enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee while the toped up ones can be enjoyed on their own because of the rich flavor and taste that they have.

Make Donut  at Home: A Step By Step Guide

Donut Boxes:

Like most foods when packed, donuts require special boxes that can provide adequate protection to their delicate nature and preserve their flavors and freshness for longer periods of time. These special donut boxes are usually made from flexibly durable materials, most often thin and fine cardboard that have clear top windows for the catchy colors and beautiful designs of the donuts to shine through. Additional suitable printing designs are given to these boxes in order for them to appeal more to the customers when selling them commercially. However when trying to make the donut boxes yourself at home using not too high tech equipment and complex procedures, there are some basic methods that can help you design you own purpose fulfilling boxes. Below we have one of those methods explained:

What Will You Need?

You will require cardboard in different sizes according to your size needs but for this guide we will be focusing on a finished box that is 10 inches in length and 5 inches in width. Get the below things ready to start off:

  • 1 piece fine quality thin but durable cardboard in 26 × 9 inches size.
  • Pair of scissors and a sharp cutting blade.
  • Super-fast glue stick.
  • 8 × 5 inches clear tough protective film.
  • Markers for marking and writing on the finished boxes.
  • A 3 foot long accurate scale.

Step by Step Guide:

Lay out the cardboard piece with the rough side facing upwards.

Get the marker and scale ready and mark a straight line across the cardboard at 2 inches and the next marking line at 12 inches to its longer side and leave a 2 inches gap and mark another line at 14 inches and the last marking line at 24 inches, make sure all the lines are running to the end of the width on both sides. All these marking lines should be horizontal to where you are sitting.

Now mark vertical lines from your position at 2 inches in from both the edges on the sides for the sides of the box.

Fold all the lines in using a heavy folder weight to get correct folds without curving the cardboard at any place at all.

When folded, you should get an idea where you need to cut to get the box folded on its sides. Cut straight using the pair of scissors and leave for now.

In the top side of the box, cut a 7 × 4 inches window using the sharp cutting blade and place the clear film layer on the bottom side with 1 inch on each of sides over. Take the film off and carefully dab it to about half an inch length at each side with the quick glue stick. Once glued nicely, place the film back in the cut window leaving 1 inch of it on each side and press in a bit for the glue to settle in.

Glue in the edges where you cut for the folds to rest nicely and make sure to hold each edge with your fingers for a long enough time allowing the glue to settle in nicely.

Use the markers to write and draw any designs on the box that you want and close the box to find it ready for use.

Make sure to lay a food friendly anti-stick paper film on the bottom layer before placing donuts in the box as they will stick to the box otherwise.

Your DIY homemade donut boxes bulk is ready for use. You can store about 5 to 6 donuts in one box and the 2 inch height of the box should provide a nice fit for the confectionery as well not allowing them to move too much while they are in the box.

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