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Human can operate computer without touching how?

Human can operate computer without touching how?

HARIDHA P82 21-Feb-2024

In the modern age of technology, it's amazing to believe that we can now control computers without actually touching them. It sounds like something out of a science fiction film, right? But, guess what? It's no longer science fiction—it's real life, and it's happening now. So, how exactly could we achieve this almost-impossible act through a computer connection without physical contact? Let me tell you, it's crazy through the newest technological breakthroughs, from gesture recognition and voice instructions to directly linking our brains to computers. 

Let’s learn more about it! 

Touchless Technology

Touchless technology is a type of gesture control technology that focuses on creating control between computers and people without requiring any sort of touch or physical input. As with all kinds of gesture control technology, it is based on algorithms that understand human movements, gestures, and behaviors. 

These are then delivered to the computer as legitimate instructions or prompts. While gesture control technology remains largely untapped, substantial progress has been achieved in one of its branches: touchless technology.

Elon Musk says first Neuralink patient can control a computer mouse with thoughts

Elon Musk has proven an outstanding achievement: the first Neuralink patient can now move a computer mouse with their thoughts, reflecting an important step in brain-machine interface technology. This incredible invention has the potential to transform the way we interact with computers and offer up new opportunities for those with neurological problems.

The first human implanted with a chip from Elon Musk's computer-brain interface company Neuralink has recovered and can move a computer mouse with thought alone, the tech billionaire announced on Monday, providing a glimpse into the company's progress as it works to restore lost abilities such as movement and sight while also improving others like memory and intelligence.

Human can operate computer without touching how?

Neuralink is currently in the early phases of research and development, and its goal of widely deploying technology to "read" brains and operate computers is several years away.

Neuralink's first products will include "telepathy," which will enable people to control a phone or computer "just by thinking," a function that this clinical trial is partially designed to test, as well as features that could restore sight to blind people, but Musk says that the method strives to be used more widely to enhance intelligence and memory. 

Other ways to operate computer without touching: 

Humans can operate computer without them touching that includes:

  • Motion sensor fusion
  • Camera-based gestures
  • Eye-tracking
  • Vocal recognition

The no-touch technology research has been ongoing for quite some time. Forbes reported on the rapid adoption of touchless technology and how major technology companies were promoting their goods as early as 2008.

Touchless technology system components are primarily reliant on the input source and hence vary greatly. The input might be physical movement, speech, facial pattern, or even short-range wireless communication devices such as Bluetooth.

Use of voice-controlled digital assistants.

These digital assistants have proven useful to operate computers. These digital assistants are an excellent method to network common building equipment and provide convenient operation without the need for physical touch. 

An employee may easily send a voice command to the computer to open a window blind or adjust lighting without touching anything. 

Use of gesture-based touchless technology.

This sort of touchless technology enables users to manage a digital system using basic motion gestures such as a hand wave, finger pointing, or even an eye gesture. It has acquired a lot of popularity in the gaming industry. 

Gesture-based no-touch technology detects motion using an optical matrix sensor and a lens, which is then converted into on-screen motions. These optical sensors are independent of the digital device interface but are typically located near it. However, the sensors are being designed to fit inside digital gadget screens. When the hands come into contact with the sensors' line-of-sight, the lens detects their movements.

Ancient Modern Science

Together with modern advances, ancient Indian areas such as Yoga, Vedanta, and Tantra continue to explore the depths of human consciousness and its relationship with the natural world. These ancient customs reveal procedures that appear to go above current science's boundaries, such as mind-body control to execute amazing tasks. Pranayama (breath control), Dhyana (meditation), and Kundalini awakening were supposed to help practitioners achieve higher levels of awareness and control over their bodies.

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