It seems like bakers are the most ingenious species on this planet who know how to win the heart of people by doing what their heart desire: displaying the food in an elegant way.

On one hand, the bakery business has a lot of entertainment in it. But on the other hand, it has a lot of competition in the market. Recent research has shown that baking has actually become domestic business for most of the people because of their love for baking. Therefore, we see bakery packaging supplies increasing and being innovative day by day. Custom bakery boxes include cake boxes, cupcake boxes, pastry boxes, macaron boxes, etc. that moreover has various types for instance window cake box, auto-popup personalized bakery box, pastry carry box, one-piece donut box, etc.

Colored Cake Boxes And How They Attract More Customers

Custom cake boxes can be customized in multiple terms like size, color, and shape. The printing and decoration of custom cake boxes depend on the person purchasing it. Making use of ribbons to make a flower and put it on the cake box turns to be the right gift for a birthday girl/boy. A professional baker i.e. one running the bakery business favors custom cake boxes with logo in order to represent them self and their bakery.

Having custom bakery boxes with logo has countless benefits, free bakery promotion being the one. Keeping in mind the packaging needs of the professional bakers, many packaging and printing companies now offer personalized bakery boxes.

However, it is observed that color does enhance the beauty of the cake boxes. Without color, a plain box conveys no message. So, we are going to enlist a few of the reasons here to make you realize why should you prefer colored cake boxes than the simple ones? After reading this, you will be able to make a decision the next time you visit the market.


Colored Cake Boxes And How They Attract More Customers

If you have a single color associated with your brand, it speaks for your brand. Your brand is recognized wherever the box goes because everyone knows it’s your color. Just think about how much quicker and immediate impression is when you see the same color on a highway billboard, or on a banner and you have that same colored box in your hand in the form of a box that you carry. Also, wherever the box goes, people get aware of your brand. So, color shows the world that you are a serious brand and you are ready to be recognized. Start putting color on your boxes today and see the change. Make sure to use the color that actually reflects your brand’s image. Not too sharp, not too light but somewhere in between.

Be Unique

Colored Cake Boxes And How They Attract More Customers

In the world of plain brown boxes. getting color printed on your custom cake boxes make you as unique as it can be. You can have the creative print, colors on it and make it represent your brand. Think about a box you received, it is creative, unique with smooth colors and logo on it, you will admire it and remember it as a good experience. Now compare that experience to a plain box with nothing printed on it and no color. Will it give a similar experience? Of course not. You can make your brand’s perception unique and different by choosing a unique printing design with unique color.

Eco-Friendly Marketing

Colored Cake Boxes And How They Attract More Customers

Another way of earning the loyalty of your customer is to brag about your brand being Eco-friendly by having Eco-friendly custom cake boxes. You give them boxes that are 100% recyclable, you earn their trust by showing that your company is green and Eco-friendly. This is another way of showing your customers that you care about the things they care about. You can add green color to your box for the sake of “EARTH’S DAY”. It will give you an edge.

Perks For Retailer

Colored Cake Boxes And How They Attract More Customers

With plain brown boxes, the retailer will waste so much time and energy in unboxing the product and displaying it on the shelf. However, beautifully printed colored custom cake boxes make it easy for the retailer to display them on the shelf. These boxes display the product themselves and don’t need to be unboxed. The right custom cake boxes carry branding benefits for both the supplier and retailer. The supplier will automatically have their product and their brand being seen and noticed by the traffic in the retailer’s store and the retailer will get benefit by giving a trusted product with logo and image to the customer thus making them entrusted.

Lead The Competition

Colored Cake Boxes And How They Attract More Customers

In the world, where everyone is striving to do better than the others. Giving colored boxes to your customers really increase your worth and make you a very good competitor. You will be recognized in the market in a way better manner than others.

So, what will be your choice now?

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