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Are Vogue’s Cover Girls As Popular As Last Years? We look at the data…

Cerys Elder1197 12-Jul-2019

Each month, we anticipate the release of the latest edition of Vogue UK to see who has made the cover. Usually, some of the faces that grace the front page are more famous than others — but does the popularity of the celebrity reflect in the magazines sales or online searches?

We’ve looked at the data comparing the current months of 2019 to their counterparts in 2018 and the trends we found were quite interesting…

With our location set to UK and using the term ‘Vogue’ as our basis, as well as Google’s recommended search terms, we discovered:


The first month of 2019 saw pop sensation Dua Lipa take the cover spot, and we wouldn’t expect anything less. 2018 was a phenomenal year for the singer, with two number one singles here in the UK and countless collaborations with other big names, making her the perfect choice for The Future Issue as her career in music is just taking off. Draped in a white feathered gown accompanied by a golden bracelet and sea-shell inspired earrings, her look screamed empowerment. Her bold sunset -inspired eye make-up definitely supported this statement.

But how did her cover compare to January 2018’s star, Taylor Swift? The country-turned-pop icon, T-Swizzle, rocked a red leather dress and a bulky diamond ring. The headline ‘Taylor Remade’ was a revolutionary moment and showed the singer in a way that transgresses from her typical style, as her cover shot was a slick editorial piece, with gothic inspired styling and make-up.

When it came to our searches for Vogue at that time though, more people were looking for Taylor’s cover. This is no surprise either, Dua is still in the beginning stages of her career and the Swifties around the world are pretty dedicated to their Queen.

The Results:

January 2019

● 231,640 searches for ‘Vogue’

● 264,750 searches for ‘Dua Lipa’

January 2018

● 265,250 searches for ‘Vogue’

● 1,008,970 searches for ‘Taylor Swift’


Emma Stone stole the Poison Ivy look in February 2019 and totally owned it and we are definitely waiting on some all-star movie studio to give her that role. Styled in a bodysuit that channels Ancient China aesthetics, with sequences telling a tale of their own, she looked flawless in every sense of the word. Fashion, Film & Feminism was this month’s theme and she’s definitely achieved an ‘Easy A’+ (pun intended) in all of these areas. She’s the sister we never had and the best friend we all want. With this cover following her movie The Favourite, will she be the favourite on our list?

This month in 2018 saw not just one, but two stars grace the cover page. Better yet, they’re two of our favourite Australian actresses — what more could we ask for? Margot Robbie and Nicole Kidman joined forces in what could be called one of Vogue’s most iconic double-acts, with one aspect that highlights Nicole’s past and current success while also welcoming Margot centre stage with the same expectations; meaning that the future couldn’t look brighter. The Hollywood’s New Era edition, which included Emma Stone, Gal Gadot, Saoirse Ronan and, Hong Chau throughout, presented a mother-daughter theme on the front which was truly heart-warming. Nicole wore a bold pink dress while Margot sported a lighter hue, demonstrating a protective-vibe on Kidman’s part.

But how did each year perform in terms of our online searches? Although the odds are different, with an extra name thrown into the search engine for last years cover, there still seems to be a clear winner.. Searches for the magazine itself were higher in 2018, and both actresses achieved more searches than Emma Stone when comparing. Take a look for yourself...

The Results:

February 2019

● 213,680 searches for ‘Vogue’

● 1,086,670 searches for ‘Emma Stone’

February 2018

● 219,560 searches for ‘Vogue’

● 4,308,270 searches for ‘Nicole Kidman’

● 2,590,320 searches for ‘Margot Robbie’


For March’s cover, Her Majesty, Queen Naomi Campbell, oozed ultimate uber-neon vibes and we’re here for it. This is the kind of cover that goes down in history. This is a cover you won’t forget in a quick minute. It’s clear that the photographer couldn’t decide on an angle, because we get the privilege seeing three merged into one – what did we do to deserve this gracefulness? The cover is all about her and fashion barely makes a statement, but that’s acceptable in this case. Why? Because her eye contact with the reader opens up the soul, and warm-heartedly introduces the Spring Fashion Issue theme.

However, we can’t say that the 2018 cover – or should we say covers – weren’t impressive. Vogue claimed two girls for the March edition, who are just starting out in their modelling careers: Gigi and Bella Hadid. Rumour has it, Naomi taught them a lesson or two when it came to the runway! The sisters, who had a cover each, were styled in the same off-the-shoulder gladiator dress with wet mermaid hair. The Power of the Hadids edition was all about the girls and their relationship with the readers, as they first began their pursuit of catwalk domination.

Despite all this, there was one clear winner when it came to Google searches. Naomi Campbell captured everyone’s attention and definitely beat the Hadids to the top spot in the battle of the covers – despite them having double the chance. Evidently, Naomi has made a name for herself in this industry and has become the epitome of an editorial runway supermodel.

The Results:

March 2019

● 292,090 searches for ‘Vogue’

● 14,086,230 searches for ‘Naomi Campbell’

March 2019

● 215,230 searches for ‘Vogue’

● 2,492,450 searches for ‘Bella Hadid’

● 2,709,690 searches for ‘Gigi Hadid’


The real-life Princess Jasmine was brought to the cover of Vogue in April 2019 and became an instant sensation. Naomi Scott, who you may remember from Disney Channel’s Lemonade Mouth, is a relatively new face in Hollywood which was perfectly fitting for Vogue’s Modern Glamour theme; with the Me Too and Time’s Up era in full swing, highlighting the greatness of prolific women across the entertainment industry. The cover was simple, with Naomi wearing a peach dress and an Aladdin-inspired hat while holding a light-ring that showed off her fabulous make-up number. Although this was her first cover, we’re sure we’ll see her again soon. But how did she compare to 2018?

We’re confused: a Wrinkle In Time or a Wrinkle In Fine? Just like Naomi Scott’s cover, Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s cover was prompting the ‘breakout Brit’ message and we’re definitely supporters of these successes. . Gugu embodied an all-regal-red, suede fabric, backless dress in the Fashion’s Dream Season edition. However, what caught our attention was her curled-coral hair and flower feature – we’re living for this look!

With both looks conveying an unshaken air of power, these covers were difficult to compare. But when it came to the searches of the people, more searches were looking at 2018’s cover. This was somewhat expected though, with Gugu having a few more working credits than Naomi. What we can say though, is that April definitely seemed to be the month to spotlight the next big thing!

The Results:

April 2019

● 194,280 searches for ‘Vogue’

● 295,110 searches for ‘Naomi Scott’

April 2018

● 2018 Cover: Gugu Mbatha-Raw

● 182,790 searches for ‘Vogue’

● 318,140 searches for ‘Gugu Mbatha-Raw’


Every time Kate Moss covers Vogue, we’re all instantly reminded of her signature glamour which has shaped the face of the fashion industry for decades. She was back for the May 2019 issue and it was all about female empowerment. Dressed in a white cloaked tied at the neck with intricate pieces of jewellery, this cover was completely mesmerising and represented a bright future for the star — signalling that she’s still got ‘it’ at the age of 45. We must say though, this is one of our favourites from her entire collection of covers. Wearing a feathered hat, this is one that you couldn’t miss on the shelf.

But looking back to 2018, Vogue invited nine women to be on the cover. The New Frontiers issue, which focused on the models changing the face of fashion, saw Vittoria Ceretti, Halima Aden, Adut Akech, Faretta, Paloma Elsesser, Radhika Nair, Yoon Young Bae, Fran Summers, and Selena Forrest take centre stage in a mix of militant greens, browns and beiges to show their strength and power. Diversity was a key intention, and we’re all for shouting about the successes of these stunning ladies!

With a lot of powerful women on the cover, could that be some tough competition for Kate when it came to searches? Nope. The searches in 2018 didn’t even reach one million, where searches for supermodel Kate Moss captured over 4.4m.

The Results:

May 2019:

● 292,090 searches for ‘Vogue’

● 4,474,320 searches for ‘Kate Moss’

May 2018:

● 185,980 searches for ‘Vogue’

● 33,170 searches for ‘Vittoria Ceretti’

● 11,070 searches for ‘Halima Aden’

● 57,520 searches for ‘Adut Akech’

● 113,690 searches for ‘Faretta’

● 47,340 searches for ‘Paloma Elsesser’

● 262,390 searches for ‘Radhika Nair’

● 36,740 searches for ‘Yoon Young Bae’

● 74,430 searches for ‘Fran Summers’

● 170 searches for ‘Selena Forrest’

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