Contrary to what some may say, burning DVDs isn’t dead. There are many people who still like to keep physical copies of their favourite movies, music albums, video games, and videos and photos they’ve gathered from travels, even if just as backup. 

Having DVDs can feel more organised, plus, exchanging them can sometimes be easier, especially if you’re for people who’re not digital natives. 

Whatever the case, burning DVDs is still relevant. Since the features of the default Windows DVD burner are somewhat limited, we’ve selected the best DVD burning software for you to choose from. 


BurnAware is somewhat reminiscent of the founding figure of DVD burning, Nero. It has a similar focus on user-friendliness opposed to a sleekness. Indeed, BurnAware isn’t designed to impress, but to get the job done easily, fast, and in a number of ways. 

In fact, the minimalistic interface can actually be quite a benefit for those who don’t necessarily have technological prowess. Overall, BurnAware is extremely versatile, allowing you to burn videos, mp3s, images to DVDs, CDS, Blu-rays, and boot discs. 

If you like to go beyond the basics, there are options for tweaking settings and adding a personal touch, if you will. 

Ashampoo Burning Studio

Ashampoo Burning Studio is considered by many to be the current number one on the DVD burning scene. 

One of its most highly praised features is its interface – sleek and modern, but user-friendly and simplistic at the same. In fact, the all-around superiority of its interface is the reason why many people are initially surprised this software is free. 

Ashampoo Burning Studio offers a decent amount of burning options and features, which are conveniently organised in a separate section. A nice touch is the possibility to make backups of CDs and DVDs on the go, copying their contents to digital files while burning them. 


CDBurnerXP is completely free, meaning it has no paid version, meaning you get this burner’s optimal version. 

CDBurnerXp supports the most important disc formats and has a lot of the most necessary features, which are carried out easily and effectively. There are some options that take it up a notch, like the ability to make iSO image files and erase DVDs, although compared to other burners, they aren’t too many. 

This burner is highly practical in the sense that it doesn’t require a powerful hardware. This makes it one of the most versatile options on the list, especially if you’re looking for something that covers the basics effectively rather than the fancy stuff ineffectively. 

Despite the “XP” in the title, CDBurnerXp works for all Windows versions.


InfraRecorder is quite similar to CDBurnerXP in the sense that it’s designed for the average person who just wants to get the job done quickly and without hassle. 

In that spirit, everything about this burner is straightforward. It offers few features, but it’s the ones most people need. 

A nice touch is the option to burn dual-layer disks. 

The main difference between InfraRecorder and CDBurnerXp is that the former doesn’t support HD-DVD and Blu-rays, which is probably its most pronounced drawback. 


ImgBurner is probably the simplest on this list, which for many people spells better. 

This burner is extremely easy to use, to the point of getting a little too basic. The interface could have been a little more intuitive and the features are definitely limited. While this burner is certainly not for those who like to invest some time and effort in the burning experience, it’s extremely practical for those with the most basic needs. 

A nice and highly useful feature worth mentioning is the ability to make sure a burned disk is readable. 

ImgBurner’s simplicity also makes it very universal in terms of operational requirements, as it can run on virtually any hardware. 

DVD Styler

DVD Styler is often preferred for its all-around versatility. It runs in multiple languages, supports various formats, and enables you to tailor you DVD menus to your needs and preferences. 

At the same time, DVD Styler does everything well, meaning that the variety of options it offers don’t come at the cost of their quality. 

In short, this is one of the most well-rounded burners on the list, and if you get used to it once, you might not want to ever switch to something else.

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