Why Android Phones are better than Microsoft ones?

Why Android Phones are better than Microsoft ones?

To compare Android & windows phones is akin to the comparison of a modern day car, with an old featured car on a verge of discontinuation.

Guide to PyCharm for Windows and MacOS

Guide to PyCharm for Windows and MacOS

PyCharm is a fully-featured IDE for the Python language, based on the powerful IntelliJ Idea Java IDE from JetBrains

How to Download Free Internet Download Manager for PC

If you are looking for internet download manager, In this article, we learnt the method of how to download free internet download manager on PC. .

7 recommended free DVD burning softwares for windows

This article is about top 7 recommended free DVD burning softwares for windows. Even if we think that burning DVD's is old fashioned, there are situations when we have to keep physical copies of our files.

How to protect our windows O.S?

some simple day to day tips & tricks that you could follow to protect your computer from infections like malwares & viruses.

Windows 10 Insider Preview: Microsoft introduces 'Power Throttling' feature !!!

Microsoft has disclosed a new feature in its Insider update that is alleged to increase the battery life on Windows 10 PCs. The feature is called 'Power Throttling', has been included in the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview build 16176.


Microsoft is finally set to ship the next generation of its desktop operating system to its users. Named Creators Update, the free update will be seen rolling out globally on April 11, 2017. Today,

Windows 10 System Requirements and Features

If you are thinking of upgrading your personal computer or a tablet from its older version to the latest release of operating system, Windows 10, then here is the minimum hardware requirement that you’ll be needing.

Debate over Windows10 naming

Windows 10 is out in the market and it’s been a long and winding read.

Windows 10 new release and updates. What comes after this?

Windows10 has been released to the world and it has received a positive response. It will act and perform more like a service from now onwards, because of its automatic regular updating, adding new features and optimizing itself features.