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The Delta Exchange Solution

DeltaExchange 1004 30-Mar-2019

Delta Exchange addresses the primary concerns in the current landscape by increasing usability, scalability and reliability while providing an innovative and stable environment for new traders as well as sophisticated and trustworthy experience for expert traders.

The cryptocurrency exchange is designed to provide a customizable, tailor-made trading platform meant to optimize the experience of traders of all experience levels. For newer investors, our exchange will bring simplicity to complex ecosystem and allow users to confidently participate in the booming crypto market. For experienced users who value speed, advanced trading capabilities, innovative feathers and a customized user experience, our exchange provides market leading security and exclusive cutting edge feathers.

The Delta Exchange Solution

Our team has decades of combined experience building and maintaining world class financial systems that shape the economy. We understand that how these systems are built from the ground up. The team has been in both the forex and crypto industry for many years and has accumulated a large network of partners in this space. This partner will be key in bootstrapping the exchange.

Delta Exchange is built to high standards, audited and penetration tested. We have experience building financial systems to the highest security standards and strive to ensure the security first. We offer 24*7 unmatched support team which would be always ready to help users with all queries.

Delta Exchange is built on a modern technology stack using best practices from high performance web application development and experienced developers from financial sectors. All trades and withdrawals are automatically safe transactions and the system runs a full suite of unit tests and self-health checks once every hour. Every API function is load tested for speed and reliability and the platform is deployed with proven auto scaling technologies.

As experienced cryptocurrency traders, the founders of Delta Exchange have noticed the problems with user experience on existing exchanges. With these in mind, the exchange has been designed from ground up to offer a flawless user experience for both inexperienced and experienced traders.

In the past several years, security breaches have been widespread and causing losses of user funds from exchanges and cryptocurrency related services in the millions. While no system can ever be considered 100% secure , Delta Exchange has been engineered from the ground up with security in mind.

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