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What is Database Development?

What is Database Development?

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What is a Database? A database is a structured form of data that is held in software within the computer for performing specific functions.

Database development is an advanced process of analyzing and developing requirements of raw data. It is mandatory for a company to do database development to keep the records of data safe, administering records, and keeping a balanced format of business processes. Database developers or companies offering database development services fulfill the responsibility of developing the computer database of any company.

Database management is the key to handle large capacities of data, effectively. Many malfunctions or errors may go unchecked within your program if your database management is not done properly. Database development is done few steps such as:

1. Planning

2. Analysis

3. Design

4. Implementation

5. Testing

6. Maintenance

Phases of database development:

1) Planning phase- 

When a customer requests to develop a system then the planning phase starts. Activities like identifying the resources needed to develop the system and identifying the time limit for completion of the development are involved in the planning stage.

2) Analysis phase-

An analysis is done to meet the end-user needs. This phase is used to study the current system. The data is collected about the system to be developed, analyzed, and finally, the analysis report is created.

Some major activities involving this phase are- the study of the current system, determination of the user requirement, and recommendation of a suitable solution.

3) Design phase-

Almost 70% of the work is done in this phase including coding and development. The model of the system is prepared, and the user requirements that are collected in the analysis phase are translated into a logical representation of the system.

3 types of models are created in this system- (CONCEPTUAL MODEL, LOGICAL MODEL, AND PHYSICAL MODEL).

In the conceptual model, the relationship between entities is established. No other attributes are taken into consideration.

In a logical model, proper attributes and relationships between the entities are involved.

In physical models, highly descriptive models are designed in this.

4) Implementation phase-

After planning, design, and analysis, the final design is implemented. A database management system (DBMS) is installed. On that, the databases are created and the data is loaded.

5) Testing phase-

Before deploying the software to the client, testing is done for that. The developers check the tolerance and acceptability values of the software. If any errors are found, then the codes are debugged in again and again. It also takes into account whether the user requirements are met or not.

6) Maintenance-

Maintenance never stops for the time period till the contract is with the database development company. It goes along with the time. It involves monitoring the backup and security of the system. Also, the database is updated or upgraded as required.

What is Database Development?

Sanctioning and storing of a database is done with the help of the newest versions of database software. There are various recent trends in the market for database development, like Oracle, MySQL, Teradata, SQL Server, IBM DB2, Sybase, Netezza, PostgreSQL, etc. They help in converting, processing, and storing data into large databases.

Some types of databases that are produced in the market are: 

  • online databases,
  • full-text databases,
  • XML databases,
  • public domain databases,
  • real-time databases,
  • time-series databases,
  • document-oriented databases,
  • graph databases,
  • relational database,
  • navigational databases, etc.

What is Database Development?

The benefits of outsourcing database development:

When your customers would be left satisfied, you, as a company could earn great revenue by quality data arrangement and maintenance. The database development services help to get the best options for collecting, accessing, managing, analyzing, processing, and disbursing data. They also ensure the high security, availability, and maintenance of your software. Other benefits are:

  • Remote services and support- the development software could be used to perform in any location of the geography, however remote it is.
  • Customized solutions- generating, proofreading and data cleansing tasks are done with the help of experts to suit your needs and the budget.
  • Database management options- the management of infrastructure and growing portfolios is possible with the help of management options.
  • Big data needs- the technology of big data is brought forward through these companies by implementing the services that are required to understand the business needs, predict customer demand and make better decisions.

What is Database Development?

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