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What is Database Development?

Due to the rise in Artificial Intelligence Services across the world, what is available in plenty of amounts is the data.

How Do I Recover Data From a Formatted Hard Drive?

At the point when you format a hard drive, you may think every one of your data has been lost forever. The organizing process will remove every one of the data

IT Metrics for a new company: how can a remote DBA help?

Financial excellence and solution delivery functionality. Metrics help you analyze each of these five key points as you go along the company growth and analytics pathway.

Understanding Bar Charts and Column Charts

Having quick access to information is something that has become a part of our daily lives, so being able to represent data in the real world in a way that is easy to understand is increasingly important.

Are Vogue’s Cover Girls As Popular As Last Years? We look at the data…

Each month, we anticipate the release of the latest edition of Vogue UK to see who has made the cover. Usually, some of the faces that grace the front page are more famous than others — but does the popularity of the celebrity reflect in the magazin