Artificial Intelligence and SEO make a great team

Artificial Intelligence and SEO make a great team

SEO is a part derived out of effective Artificial Intelligence. None of its techniques were possible had it not been for Artificial Intelligence. This helps us to understand the dynamics of both the fields in greater depths and detail. It’s not that Artificial Intelligence is only useful in SEO services, but there are various other uses of the domain too. Like Digital marketing, content writing, CMS development, CRM development, and much more.

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So, not to be excluded, SEO is also relying on Artificial Intelligence as its backbone. Search Engine Optimization is used for getting referral traffic and organic ranking on the website. Without the proper use of SEO, your website wouldn’t even be listed for indexing by the search engines. Hence, SEO has many uses and purposes in various domains.

Artificial Intelligence and SEO make a great team

When SEO has such wide uses that means its types would also have variety. The most common methods of SEO that are practiced are:

1. On-page SEO: the work which is done on the website itself is regarded as On-page SEO. For example, writing content that is rich in quality, inserting keywords, tags, and Meta descriptions.

2. Off-page SEO: it constitutes the practice that is done outside the website. Inserting backlinks and researching about the topic, comes under Off-page SEO.

Artificial Intelligence and SEO make a great team

Artificial Intelligence:

In simple words, “it is the art of making the machines smart.” What does this mean? When machines are given the ability to ‘think’ critically and make effective decisions in no time, that concept is the work of Artificial Intelligence.

The machines are used to reduce manual labor (which involves error too) and that’s why they are called ‘smart’. A lot of programming and development goes behind the working of Artificial Intelligence. For example, you simply tell Alexa to “play your favorite song”. What basically lies behind it is the ability to hear your words, make decisions accordingly, and implement your task. So, isn’t Alexa a creation of Artificial Intelligence?

AI is used to improve accuracy and scalability, that’s why it backs up SEO in today’s world. Read more about AI, here.

AI with SEO to deliver efficient results:

  • Text and Voice Search

The most basic concept is the reliance of SEO on AI. Without the use of AI, search engines cannot deliver relevant results. These search engines use the feature of AI to process machine learning and deep learning. Through these features, they process the search query to predict the most accurate results. Whether the user realizes this or not, but AI technology has a great impact on how your content is ranked, how it gets seen, and how is it crawled by the search engine.

Thus, we decipher that the voice search relies on AI for producing natural language generation and process to function.

  • Topic search, keyword research, and content optimization

The AI is useful in sorting out the relevant keywords from the billions of data. It detects patterns and shows the result to us. Some of the best artificial intelligence services extract topics from the huge amount of search data so that the competitors could be seen and your website could be ranked higher.

AI not only helps in keyword research and topic search for your new content but also helps in optimizing the already existing content to achieve higher ranks. The ‘smart systems’ are so much involved in deriving a strategy for your content data.

Artificial Intelligence and SEO make a great team

  • Topic Cluster Creation

Creating the topic clusters is an important SEO strategy that helps in content marketing in relevant searches. AI not only helps in the initial stage but also at the later stage to streamline this process. It helps to understand the themes associated with the search engines and devise your content cluster around it.

The companies offering SEO services at their sites are using efficient AI tools. They help to reduce costs and increase the revenue for your website. Think about it, how much efficiency is brought around by combining the SEO and Artificial Intelligence tools together!

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