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Is AI truly the backbone of Digital Marketing?

Is AI truly the backbone of Digital Marketing?

Anonymous User 561 16-Aug-2021

AI or artificial intelligence is the source of everything that we do online. From a simple mobile phone app to high-quality websites, everything runs on Artificial Intelligence these days.

When the pandemic caused the situation of social distancing, everything in the world switched to online mode. The schools began deploying their services online, the entertainment industry turned to OTT platforms instead of screening their movies in theatres, and much more. Seems like the world was going through an “Amendment”.

Anyways, the marketing genre was shifted from offline to online medium completely. Although many e-commerce websites have pre-existed prior to the pandemic, their significance started getting deeper during the unprecedented lockdowns. That’s why many people shifted to digital marketing. This type of marketing ensures growth and a predictable future. 

Now the question is, if you’re already indulged in digital marketing, you must be using the whole ‘digital platform’ for advertisements. Then what is the phenomenon behind this? What makes everything digital and easy? What makes your research the world at your fingertips?

The answer is Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is the cause behind everything that runs on the internet. For example, if you run software to build your website, a whole lot of codes are put behind it. Earlier, there used to be human efforts in everything but now the ‘behind the scenes’ world runs on AI.

SO WHY LEAVE DIGITAL MARKETING BEHIND? In the digital marketing sector, AI uses algorithms and predictive analysis to convert information about consumers into useful results. Thus, it is the basic source of everything. If your website doesn’t take into account the consumer reactions, chances are it will not go in full swing. The best digital marketing services across the world are running on the use of Artificial Intelligence on a consistent basis. The other functions that AI performs are:

  • Software programs oil the market functions.
  • They optimize market campaigns.
  • They also improve personalized customer experiences.

AI has the ability to grasp the data, inculcate it inside the system & analyze it to give optimum results.

Using AI to improve digital marketing:

1. From generating customer contact to sales, AI has it all. It can help to empower the needs of the customers aligning with their current situation.

2. The Return on Investment (ROI) on marketing campaigns is achieved fairly because of the optimization of ads towards targeting customers. This has been possible through machine learning and generating analytics. One such example of this is CRM software.

3. The tedious & repetitive processes that made workers tired are now performed by AI.

4. The chances of the error have become negligible since AI took over.

5. AI generates reports based on data therefore, there are no chances of misleading or errors.

6. Other uses of AI in Digital marketing include content generation & content management systems. Content is omnipresent on the internet, thus, to manage the content generation strong analytical systems are required. If the content is not presented or curated consistently then it creates negative impacts on the marketing strategy. AI is there to handle this problem through effective CMS software

7. The Pay-per-click (PPC) strategy also rests on AI. If analytically monitored machines were not there then the concept of PPC would not have been possible on the internet. It helps to generate traffic & convert them into leads.

8. Web designing and web development is another requirement of Digital marketing that is fulfilled by AI. Without designing a proper website, running an e-commerce business is not possible. After designing, development and modifications are key to the success of any marketing business.

9. Mobile app development through algorithms is possible with AI. The marketers should essentially be able to build mobile-friendly applications for smoothness in customer relations. If the developers are both online (website) and offline (mobile app), the success of the business is even more predictable. However, without the use of AI-powered systems, this process would not be possible.

Is AI truly the backbone of Digital Marketing?


  • Curation of Content:

Content is written for everything: video scripts, blogs, newsletters, ads, and much more. In digital marketing, content becomes useful when it is written to appeal to the audience through infographics, advertisements, videos, and other formats. In such use of the content, AI adds to the assistance by the ability to curate the content.

Curation is as important as creation, to understand this read Get started with Content writing.

That’s why AI’s assistance is required to curate the content & help in its delivery to potential leads. Content marketing gives effective ROI (return on investment). A new feature called Automated Content Software can be used to generate news stories & reports comparatively faster than humans.

If you’re still thinking about whether or not to replace your document-writer with AI software, then here is news that might help. Many global brands like Forbes magazine are now publishing content that is partly generated by AI. The use of AI in content marketing makes the process faster and smooth to scale up their business.

  • Advertisements using AI-enhancement:

Earlier optimizing & displaying ads took a lot of time and was not humanly possible also. Plus it was not very feasible to spend crores on ads to get minimum returns.

Now with AI, it has become possible to give minimum efforts for PPC, or any kind of advertisement. An added benefit is that it gives higher ROI and the process could be tracked sitting at your home. Using AI algorithms it is possible to optimize the ads based on conversion and interaction with the consumers. This system of algorithm-based advertising is given the name of “programmatic advertising”.

With the use of programmatic advertising, you can publish your ads targeted to a specific audience. Whether the ads are proving beneficial or not could be tracked by you. By this phenomenon, you can save revenue and add to the value of your business.

AI-ad optimization is also done on social networks like Facebook and Instagram. The AI algorithms analyze the accounts which a particular user follows to show the most relevant ads. This process saves the marketers from spending tons of money on irrelevant ads. Giving personalized ads for relevant users helps in optimizing the budget and analyze the results too.

Is AI truly the backbone of Digital Marketing?

  • Digital Promotion:

As the digital marketing platforms continue to grow, they open umpteen opportunities for businessmen. Selecting among these opportunities for promotion might be a difficult task done manually. With the use of AI, the best marketing campaigns could be chosen to promote among the target consumers. The algorithms can find the best channels suited to your needs based on interaction with the brand.

For example, the AI scheduling software can subtract the need for guesswork, manipulation, or relying on industrial experiments for posting an ad campaign. It can effectively select the best time for posting an ad campaign or promotion across the marketing channels, for individuals.

  • Automation in Customer Services:

There are times when humans are inefficient in performing repetitive tasks or answering every call of the consumers. To find a solution for this purpose, chatbots have been invented. They are AI-powered chatting systems that are automated to answer the queries of the consumers. This technology helps to smoothen the process of customer operations and proves to be cost-effective for the business. Some other examples of marketing automation where AI is used are personalized customer experiences, interacting with leads at optimal times to keep pace with them, etc.

AI automation could not only be used for content creation but also to decide the time & place to publish it, with just one click. It helps in effectively finishing the repetitive jobs through automated software.

  • Unloading the burden of processing:

Undoubtedly humans are smarter than the AI since they have created it, but still, they are vulnerable to making errors or being tired of repetitive tasks.

With AI-powered software, this can’t be a problem. For example, content creators are mandated to write unique and fresh content. In spite of their efforts, sometimes they could be prone to duplicity and plagiarism. The automated software can take it into account and process billions of data to find out the plagiarized content. This helps in reducing time and brings out effective content.

The organizations collect massive amounts of consumer data to convert them into leads through processing. AI is helpful in processing, analyzing, and detecting patterns in big data.

  • User experience:

The markets and businesses desire high sales and conversion rates. For this, they use user-friendly mobile apps or websites. AI is used in optimizing the UX across various platforms. It uses a cycle of processing and testing to determine the experience of the users and deliver results to the marketer.

  • Business intelligence:

The AI can automate predictive analysis and create intelligent software for the modeling of business. It uses data to produce faster and in a more effective manner. This software can find the trends and patterns relevant to the customer experiences, to give intended outcomes. This helps in the speed, accuracy, and scaling of the business.

  • Analysis of consumer behavior:

When the business spends lakhs of money on advertising and generating leads, it is obvious for them to analyze their results. All consumers don’t behave in the same manner and a consumer doesn’t behave the same all the time. AI helps in the personalization and predictive analysis of consumer behavior. They predict the future behavior of the consumer based on past experience.

Is AI truly the backbone of Digital Marketing?

Closing thoughts:

Businesses are harnessing AI to benefit their marketing strategies. In fact, the market has been ready to switch to online mediums due to Artificial intelligence. Without the use of AI-powered machines & software, it is impossible to deploy humans to such complex tasks. Thus, AI has truly proven to be the backbone of digital marketing across the world.

It does all the hard work for the marketer. It provides insights on the new leads, helps in solving sophisticated problems, and determines the true value of the company. It is so capable in its features that it determines the value of human intent and the factors driving the consumers towards a specific brand. Working tirelessly 24*7, the never-ending characteristics of Artificial intelligence have elevated digital marketing to new heights.

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