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How to Save WhatsApp Status Videos And Photos On Android Phone

How to Save WhatsApp Status Videos And Photos On Android Phone

Nitin Saini 490 02-Mar-2021

WhatsApp, over the years, has attracted popularity worldwide. It launched a new feature called “status” a few years ago which enabled users to share media files, be it a picture or short videos. People were giving into this by sharing their experiences, vlogging their daily routines or hobbies, or simply updating people about their life events. It would be right to say that this feature soon became the new place of entertainment.

WhatsApp allows any user to post photos or videos at their discretion which will be visible to their saved contacts. Likewise, one has to save the contact details of the person whose WhatsApp status you want to view or save.

In this world full of something fascinating to see, it is only natural that you come across some amazing content/media file on someone else’s status and have this insatiable urge to save that in your android device which you can access even after the original status vanishes after 24 hours, or even better, repost it too. For the same, the first thing that would pop in anyone’s mind would be to take screenshots, right? But what would you do if the media file that has caught your attention is not a picture, rather a video? The screenshot doesn’t seem to be working in this scenario. No need to scratch your head, we have come ready with the solutions!

There are two ways to go on about the download of WhatsApp statuses, one is manual and another one will require the assistance of a third party, many apps for the same are at your disposal at Google Playstore. Below, we will explain step-by-step on how you can access both of these options or either one depending on your convenience or choice.

How To Save Whatsapp Status Video In Your Android Device Manually

This option is viable only when you have “file manager” installed in your android. In some devices like Oppo, Xiaomi, Samsung, etc. it is pre-installed, if not you can easily find Google File Manager on Playstore or download any file manager app of your liking to get started.

Start off by viewing the status that you want to save; this would create a temporary copy of it in your internal storage which would later be copied and pasted in a permanent folder, providing you access to it even after 24 hours.

• Now, navigate to your “file manager” app, open the same and go to “settings” to turn the toggle on for “show hidden files”. Different devices have different routes to “settings”, you can reach there either by clicking on “hamburger icon” or “three dots icon” or “three lines icon” on the top left of the screen.

• Go to the “internal storage” section of the app, scroll down to the folder named “WhatsApp”, open it and then click on “media”.

• Click on “.Statuses” and then select the status you want to save.

• Click “copy” and then choose a folder from “internal shared storage” and “paste” the status in the same.

And done! Now you can access saved WhatsApp status from that folder anytime you want.

How To Save Whatsapp Status Using An App

You can save WhatsApp status by reaching out to third-party apps. Out of all the tried and tested apps, downloading “Status download for WhatsApp” powered by Jameinfotech would be advisable. This app saves you from all the hassle, comes with a step-by-step guide on how to operate the app which is extremely easy to follow. You can easily find this app on Google Playstore.

• Start off by viewing the status that you want to download or save.

• Open “Status download for WhatsApp”; the list of all the viewed status will appear.

• In the list format, click on “save” adjacent to the status you want to download, and the media file will be saved in the app.

• In the grid format, long-press the media you want to save and click on the “second icon from the right”.

Follow these steps to save status and enjoy it anytime you want. You can also head over to the “how to use” section of the app for further assistance.

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