Which Visuals Should You A/B Test to Get Conversions and Engagement

Which Visuals Should You A/B Test to Get Conversions and Engagement

Are you trying to find ways to increase your engagement and conversion rates? Whether you’re testing out an eCommerce landing page or responsive web design, an A/B test can help. Not only will it give you a better sense of what your audience wants, but it can also give you valuable info you can use as a guide every time you brainstorm for a campaign.

If A/B tests are not yet a part of your creative strategy, it’s high time you make it a part of your arsenal. This article will discuss what an A/B test entails and which digital graphics you can use to boost brand awareness and venture growth.

What is A/B Testing?

Also called split testing, A/B testing pertains to the process of showing two versions of a certain visual material to visitors. This process aims to find out which version is more effective in encouraging the audience to opt-in - whether you’re aiming for engagement, lead generation, or conversions.

A/B testing is applied not only to visuals but to other digital assets as well. For instance, a copywriter for websites may choose to split test a copy to know which one sounds better to the reader. In terms of content marketing writing, a brand might also split-test social media cards to gauge which topics to develop into a blog post idea.

That said, A/B testing can be your secret weapon as to how to create content that appeals to your audience. And because visual communication is a huge part of branding, it certainly helps to split test visuals to help you pick the right one for your target market.

What Visuals Should You A/B Test?

Here are some of the visuals you may want to A/B test for optimum results.

Landing Page

A landing page consists of many elements, and it’s crucial to split test its components to come up with the best options.

Design and Layout

Have you ever come across a landing page that was designed so bad, it made the whole brand look amateur, or worse, shady? Without a doubt, there’s nothing like a bad design to make your brand’s trust ratings drop in no time.

That said, we can’t emphasize how crucial it is to get a proper web design that looks clean and professional. From lines and patterns to color palettes, take the time to split test the crucial components.

Headline and Tagline

Now you’d probably think that headline and tagline falls under copy and not under design, which is a valid point. However, the typography used in these elements can also be considered design elements. That said, it’s crucial to A/B test not only the copy but also the typography. After all, pairing your message with the right visuals (such as in the case of online ads) is one of the sales tactics that’s proven to work.

Call-to-Action Button

So, here’s that button you’d want visitors to click when they visit your landing page. You need to split test CTA button designs to see which one works best. When coming up with options, it’s ideal to consult color psychology to up your lead generation and conversion chances.

Social Media Posts

Without a doubt, A/B testing your posts can help you tailor social media to your customer. Here are some elements you must split test.

Images and Videos

Split testing is a great way to know whether your followers crave certain types of content. For instance, do your video posts get more shares? Or does your infographics have more viral potential? Knowing the answers to these questions would enable you to make more of what your audience wants.


Unlike image or video posts, thumbnails aren’t the actual content you’re sharing. Yes, these images only act as teasers. However, they can do a lot to attract your audience to click the link, thus, they’re worth split-testing as well.


Emojis are technically part of the copy, but they’re ideograms and could also fall under visuals as well. Many gurus say using emojis make posts appear more human and relatable. That said, you might also want to split test your ideograms to make the most out of their impact.

The Bottomline

A/B testing is a crucial process you can apply to get the most out of your brand visuals - from 99designs logos or cover images for your company blog asset. Take in mind, though, that you need to be systematic with your testing program. By doing so, you can pinpoint crucial issues and gear your assets towards conversion.

It’s also crucial to keep an open mind when split testing; you wouldn’t want your biases to cloud your results. In the end, it’s all about learning more about what your audience wants. And at the same time knowing what you can do to improve what you’re offering them.

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