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A broader view of the antiviral assays and their significance

Antiviral resistance occurs when a virus evolves to the point that an antiviral test or Treatment is no longer effective in preventing sickness.

Test Case Management: How To Do It Effectively In Jira?

In line with the best practices below, the teams will find it easier to leverage Jira in addition to other test case management tools.

Impact of Agile Environment on Test Managers

In conclusion, it is all about people. Investing in the right people with the right skills will get you the results you are looking for Test managers.

Is Outsourcing Testing Services the New Future?

Looking at the above benefits, it can undoubtedly be said that yes offshore testing services are the new future of software testing and quality assurance.

7 Reasons To Use Selenium for Automation Testing

Whenever we talk about automation testing tools, Selenium is the name that we get to hear. Since it is one of the best tools for automation testing, and it is

What is Scrum In Agile Methodology?

This article highlights the purpose of the scrum, its benefits and how to implement it in agile methodology.

Why User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Matters

When building software, there are many levels of verification and validation that developers need to go through.