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Whatsapp's New privacy policy, a concern for users

Whatsapp's New privacy policy, a concern for users

Shivam Ji Srivastava 467 14-Jan-2021

For the last few days, there is a lot of uproar in the whole world about the new privacy policy set by WhatsApp. WhatsApp users believe that the new WhatsApp policy creates disturbances in their privacy. Some people believe that if we adopt this policy of WhatsApp, then WhatsApp will make our messages, calls and much personal things public.

However, there are some surely conditions in WhatsApp's new privacy policy that point towards playing with people's personal details. But today we will tell you how this new policy proposed by WhatsApp works. And if we accept this policy, then what details of ourselves will be made public under this policy.

As we all know, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has also taken WhatsApp to his tribunal. WhatsApp’s new privacy policy update will let Facebook access commercial user data on WhatsApp which will help advertisers in targeting consumers with relevant ads on the company's family of applications like Instagram.

Our personal details are safe with whatsapp:-

And also there is a lot of negative things about WhatsApp among the users considering the new policy. WhatsApp has completely rejected that the new policy will use the personal data of the users. WhatsApp has said that any type of data, messages that is shared by their users is absolutely safe. WhatsApp has also said that users do not need to panic in any way. Although it has not been confirmed yet, but it has been heard that the new policy of WhatsApp will only use the data of the users who use their account as a business account.

Concern Regarding social media:-

Using social media application nowadays has become a security concern for many users. Application like Instagram, Facebook are using our personal details to get benefitted. If any user is not aware of that then he or she will surely have to pay for it. Be cautious while sharing your personal information on any kind of social platform. Sharing any type of personal information might turn out to be outrageous for you in the near future.

While talking about WhatsApp new privacy policy, as of now users can only wait as of now users can only wait. Switching from WhatsApp to any other massaging app is not easy in anyway. Since it's launch, WhatsApp has always been on the top of the priority list of almost every person when it comes to using any messaging application. The last date to accept the new WhatsApp policy is 8 February 2021. But let's wait until 8 February. It will be too early to quit WhatsApp for now.

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