The 8 Best Automation Marketing Tools

The 8 Best Automation Marketing Tools

Automation tools are an undeniable strategy to save time and more effectively reach your target in order to convert them. To avoid investing in the wrong solution, head for the best automation marketing tools.

The automation marketing tools is an undeniable strategy to save time and more effectively reach your target in order to convert.

Sending emails, SMS, notifications, scheduling posts on social networks, segmenting your target, etc as many actions as you can now automate.

But like all businesses, you don't want to invest in the wrong solution. It is for this reason that we have decided to present you the best automation marketing tools, the ones that will be essential for you, so that you can make the right choice.

Lead Squared

On Lead Squared, all the features are there to satisfy a marketing automation strategy for small and medium businesses:

• Workflow creation

• Creation, management and email automation tools

• Segmentation of your contacts

• Landing pages creation

• Implementation of lead scoring

• Lead tracking on your website

The tool has an API and can be linked to Sales force, social networks, messaging solutions, different CMS, etc.


Marketo is arguably one of the best marketing automation solutions for large companies.

It helps you boost your conversions and deliver the right content by intervening in:

• Your lead management

• Your email marketing campaigns

• Your mobile marketing strategy

• The loyalty of your customers


Plezi helps you acquire leads by intelligently distributing your content.

In this marketing automation tool that seems complete, several features are offered:

• Creation of personalized lists to better target your personas

• Creation of emails, forms, landing pages or even CTAs

• Easy publication on social networks

• Tracking of your visitors

• Detailed analyzes of your content, emails, communication channels and conversions


Can't Create Marketing Automation Tool List without Citing HubSpot, a giant in this field.

You have the possibility of combining several solutions to completely automate your marketing strategy:

• HubSpot CRM lets you manage your contacts

• HubSpot Marketing is involved in your inbound marketing strategy to help you convert your leads

• HubSpot Sales helps optimize the efficiency of your sales team

• HubSpot Services supports your customer service

Obviously this solution gives you access to detailed data thanks to the tracking of your emails, contacts, customers, etc.

GBM Lead Scraper

GBM Lead Scraper is an automation marketing tools suitable for small businesses.

Its ease of use allows you by drag'n drop to create marketing processes to build and personalize your campaigns. This GMB Leads Scraper helps you automate that process and extracts GMB leads from.

Proxies Scraper & Checker

Proxies Scraper & Checker is an Automation marketing tools it’s provide a simple way to scraper proxies. It’s a best free proxy scraper as well as a proxy checker.

Traffic Bot Generator

This automation marketing tools generates quality organic traffic with your target keywords for your website good search results. It is the best- SEO automation tools.

Traffic Wizard

This automation marketing tools change your website distinctness on search engine and also help to boost your website traffic. This tools are very useful services for search engine and digital assistants

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