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Top 6 Trending .NET Facts in 2020 You Need to Learn

Top 6 Trending .NET Facts in 2020 You Need to Learn

Naman Modi 855 25-May-2020

It has earned business and people’s trust. Others that closely follow .net are com, org, gov, and mil. It is an original domain with internet extensions. Although the .net was initially intended for internet service providers, you can get a .net developer and create a .net domain for you. 

Here are 6 Trending facts of .NET you should learn in 2020

1. Security

.Net was the first domain name ever to exist, while Symbolics .com was first to be registered. Although this is a fact that is less known, was the primary domain created in 1985, using the previous internet root server ( and has used this domain since then.

2. Growth

Top 6 Trending .NET Facts in 2020 You Need to Learn

Today .NET 15 million registered domains with net extension, in the world. That has shown a growth of 10x since the year 2000. Almost half of those approximated to be within the USA. Then again, from 2006, the .net domain doubled in size.

3. Globalization

Top 6 Trending .NET Facts in 2020 You Need to Learn

The hosted names in .net domain are in over 200 countries around the globe. The .net percentage of DNSSEC domains is almost 2x more than those enabled in .com.

The .net domain of those registered in India is almost 48% with a functional e-commerce. In Japan, out of the total recorded in .net, are 2.51%. That is nearly 2x of those in .com.

4. IDN

It only takes a single .net domain to register 350 native languages due to an International Domain Names IDNs. The enabling domain names in non-ASCII elements. IDNs make the online accessible by the world.

5. Availability

Today, more than six characters with over domain names available.

6. Trends

Top 6 Trending .NET Facts in 2020 You Need to Learn

Almost 139,000 registered domains in other TLDs, immediately point to the same names but slightly change to site. The trend has extended to social media platforms, particularly on Facebook. As of March 2012, the registered domain names directed to Facebook went from 5039 to 6503 in March 2013. While the average character length of the .net domain created had 12 characters.

What is IDN?

International Domain Name (IDN) is a domain having a local language that is set by the user. When you include IDNs in your regional web strategy, it can reach a substantial number of customers. So, if you already have a website or are planning to build one, use the local language and have the site address localized.

Why you should hire a .net developer

A .net developer will design and develop software applications according to your needs. He will continue to support your business anytime you need him.

Benefits of using .net

• Shows credibility

When you use the .net domain, users will immediately recognize it as being credible. It gives you confidence in your business, and it is vital to both users and your company.

• Be unique

It gives your brand a unique name reflecting your individuality. That’s something you want your business to have.

• Recognizable

When your business name adds .net domain, it shows professionalism. Everyone can recognize it since it falls on the 5th most popular domain in the world. Nevertheless, you can still get yours.

In conclusion, the .net can be a perfect place to start building your domain since it’s trusted worldwide. That makes it credible, memorable, and easily recognized. Now that you are aware of the popular .net trends, you don’t have to miss out. The .net domains are still available, and you can get your ideal one today from a .net developer. And as they are associated with a community, it will give your business a positive image.

Updated 26-May-2020
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