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Why Android Phones are better than Microsoft ones?

Why Android Phones are better than Microsoft ones?

Shruti Sinha 627 06-Jan-2020

To compare Android & windows phones is akin to the comparison of a modern day car, with an old featured car on a verge of discontinuation. Microsoft is going to officially end Windows phone's customer support on December 10, 2019, which per se proves its failure as a mobile OS.

According to a report by Stat Counter global stats which keeps track of mobile OS market, Android & iOS account for 97.79 % of total mobile OS market share. Apparently, Windows mobile OS couldn't attract the customer base that the current day iOS & Android phones have.

Now the question to mull over is Why Android proves to be a better alternative when it comes to the selection of mobile OS.


Windows is going to end the support for its phones. It means there won't be any update, bugs or security fixes. It shall make the phone vulnerable to data breach & hacking. In a world where privacy is indispensable, compromising with security couldn't be afforded.

On the other hand, Android has been persistently trying to enhance security & improve the UI experience, successfully making the life of users easier than ever before. It is evident from the frequent updates & patches which strengthen the security& UI experience of the device.

App availability

The abysmally small share of Windows market triggered a vicious cycle. Fewer users meant less mobile app developers which again meant fewer users.

In contrast, Android's huge market share meant many app developers like Rankfrog, which translates to a huge number of apps, which again attracts more users. It was this virtuous cycle which has made Android so successful.

Windows lags behind in providing a diverse number of apps. For example, it took years for Windows OS to get official YouTube & Instagram app support! There are not many choices for Windows apps, unlike Android.


These days companies are trying to create gadget ecosystems to sustain themselves in the long run & to make our life more comfortable. For example, if you own an Android phone, you would also want to own Android watch, Android TV, Android Auto car support for proper synchronization between your phone and car's audio & navigation system, Android supported smart appliances such as - bulbs, ACs etc., then we have google home assistant & so on. This creates an ecosystem where Android devices interact with each other to make our life more comfortable.

Windows phone doesn't seem to have such capability. Though it had a radical feature where you could plug your phone to windows doc screen, this way your phone could work as a windows pc. But it wasn't of much use, unlike Android's ecosystem. What attracts user is the practicality& usability of any feature not the feature per se.

All the above-mentioned concerns make a windows phone not suitable for the present use. It is outdated& lags behind in various aspects. Whereas, Android has virtually all features that a normal user would want as per today's lifestyle.

Updated 07-Jan-2020
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