10 rules for the perfect girl's night out

10 rules for the perfect girl's night out

Family, partners and friends - as essential as they can be a girl gang is vital. Sharing dresses, make-up and surviving all the ups and downs of life together, these shopping partners cum partners in crime, your lady lot is as necessary as oxygen - for together even the boring things become merry!

So when you have planned for that special girl's night out, game and date set for ladies night in Hyderabad and let yourself have fun, (because you have earned it after that breaking, daunting work week), a little planning and a few tips can make it a night to remember.

Get dressed together - What can be more fun than dressing up together? Twinning with your best friends, or a mixed bag - peals of laughter, undoubted de-stressing, and a perfect opportunity to unwind before the parade hits the dance floor. While it is the perfect excuse to set the mood, catching up on with each other's lives, the whole ritual of getting dressed together, borrowing from wardrobes, collective decision making of what matches with what, adds to the experience. Dress to impress! Even if you’re not actually trying to garner attention, it’s always fun to dress up - look good, feel good.

Pre-game - Pregame before going out, it’s always good to get to your watering hole of choice with a head start on your buzz. Plan for game of cards or an exciting board game like 'taboo' or 'chatterbox' or even the classic scrabble over some drinks. Not only it acts as a little starter to the exciting night ahead, but also helps everyone loosen up.

Binge on carbs - If you are a regular, you know the rule - you need to pile on those carbs efficiently to soak up the prospective booze that will soon be entering your system. It is a good idea to treat yourself to some healthy snack options like hummus, multigrain breads and fruit platters. A good balanced fat-protein packedHydrate, hydrate, hydrate - Repeat this mantra. Even if you load up on carbohydrates night out, you should still hydrate before and during the outing. As a thumb rule, alternate between your alcoholic drink of choice and a glass of water. Not only does it help the next day with the hangover, but also keeps your drinking limit in check. So before and while you hit the happy hour, do not forget your H2O.

The forget-me-nots - You swear by the PKC rule to check if you are ready? Not enough. Besides your Phone, keys, charger, and basic makeup for those wee touch-ups, remember to carry your power bank, at-least one valid ID, some roll up flats for later, a couple of band aids for those lovely legs that will definitely bruise after hours of dancing in heels and safety pins - what was life before safety pins anyway?
Set a meeting spot - It’s easy to get lost when drinks and emotions flow freely, and everyone is uninhibitedly the best version of their self and as the night progresses, every single person is invariably texting more than speaking. To avoid the 'Where are you?' 'B is missing!” set a meeting spot where every girl squad member assembles post activity.

Hangover hamper- While you must have an incredible time, drink responsibly, place water and a post-binge kit on your nightstand for the morning - consisting of essentials like electrolyte sachets, some ibuprofen, citrus smelling salts to fight off that nausea, and a warm pack to nurse those aching headaches. Sleep, and watch your hung over self thank your sober self!

Say no to screen time: You definitely came out to have a great time, meet wonderful people, lose yourself in the music and set the dance floor on fire. You can’t enjoy all that and more that the night has to offer if you are locked on your twitter feed or chatting with someone physically absent, or scrolling through Instagram. Make memories first, and post them the next day!

Limited edition: Drinks are fun, but not when it gets out of control. Ensure you don't mix your drinks, leave it unattended or go beyond limit - no being sorry the next day after a wonderful night. Stick up for your girl when she is going overboard with a gentle nudge that she should tone down. She'll thank you later.

Keep a tab: It’s easy to overspend, especially in a group. Be the ladies that you are and set a limit, split the tab, and remember everyone is in to have equal fun - the bill is therefore equally split too - unless it's a bachelorette or a party being hosted in that special one's hon-our. It makes everything non messy and clean. Using apps to split is a super easy thing to do. No more who paid for what, and who needs to pay whom how much!

Just go, let your hair down, and enjoy your night out with your squad. Give everyone around girl gang goals. There are fun, current events in Hyderabad that you will love going out to. Look up for them, fix up a date and indulge - you deserve time off with your girls!

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