5 Great Marketing Jobs For Math Geeks

5 Great Marketing Jobs For Math Geeks

If you are a math geek, you are in luck. Marketing is a field that is rapidly expanding. And thanks to the fact that technology now runs all business operations across the globe, there is always a need for great math experts. However, you might be wondering what specific careers in marketing offer a great career path and opportunity for you. Here are 5 great marketing jobs you should consider:

Data Analysis

The world today is living through the age of big data. More data is being produced on a daily basis now than was ever seen in the past. Because of that, companies and governments are seeing the value in saving this data and looking at it in order to make better decisions.

If you choose, you can become a data analysis expert. You will be tasked with looking at large amounts of information about sales, marketing, opinions, characteristics, and other stats. Then, your job will be to convert this information into something meaningful by analyzing trends to help managers and company executives make strong decision based on science and math. It is a career path that is growing in popularity and in high demand worldwide. In fact, anyone who is using a market research platform will want to know how to get more out of their platform and the data it collects.

Data Scraping

The entire web is made up of data behind the scenes. Of course, modern apps and websites are so well designed in a visual sense that people often forget this. But at the end of the day, each pixel you see on the screen can be converted into code somehow.

With data scraping, it is all about using your math skills to use programs and search through web pages with an algorithm. You will be looking for keywords, image titles, and other specific information that your employer wants to know. It could be that they are conducting market research, competitive analysis, or simply aggregation as a data provider. Either way, this is a job you can do with some knowledge of php, javascript, or other web code and it can be done from home.

Product Predictive Marketing

Companies don't want to go overboard and spend big money on something that is not guaranteed to go over well with their market. This could cause major setbacks and force them to waste time, money and resources. Therefore, they are willing to invest in projects that research potential market and product fits.

As a math expert, you will use your knowledge to look at predictive modeling and try to determine in advance which new product or initiative will be most profitable. This is useful for pharmaceutical companies, clothing companies, and more.

App Backend Efficiency

There is a concept in computer programming called the Big O. In layman's' terms, this means that the more efficient your program is, the faster it will work. That is because the software has to run less calculations in order to arrive at the same result. While each calculation may only take a moment, they can add up. This is vital to today's businesses where a customer may leave their website over a load difference between 2 to 3 seconds compared to their competitors.

Graphical Mapping

Business managers are good at what they do. But they are not great at is taking raw data and turning it into useful information. If you become a graphical expert, you can use your knowledge and calculus abilities to take information and chart it visually.


When it comes to finding a rewarding career, you want to choose something that pays well, that was upward growth, and that is in high demand. With your unique math skill set, marketing hiring managers will be glad to bring you onboard. Now, your task is to evaluate the 5 exciting jobs above and decide which one most aligns with your goals and motivations so you can really hit the ground running.

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