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Technological Advancements: Why we need to upgrade Internet everyday?

Technological Advancements: Why we need to upgrade Internet everyday?

Elisa Watson 607 18-Oct-2019

With daily improvements to make internet better, the need for everyone around to upgrade is also increasing rapidly. Everyone must prepare to keep in the race or else they will be left far behind. As according to recent news, Japan is conducting tests on 6G Technology. After being successful in implementing 5G across the country, they are planning to jump to 6G which will be ultimately fast and most reliable internet every tested. 

For example, the technological advancements in social apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, We Chat and many other demand high internet speeds. How a country on a 3G internet would be able to meet the speed requirements when they aren't upgrading to 4G or 5G. This is where the justification for having up to date internet is completed. 

As per my knowledge, Japan is the current leader in terms of fastest internet on the globe. China and USA have known to be running 5G until now. When it comes to European continent, all of the Euro Countries are currently running either 4G or 5G. But that's not the case with Asian countries as most of them are still on 4G internet. That is a big negative for them as they wont be able to stay in the race with rest of the world. 

For instance, lets have a look at what these social media sites and apps offer. Audio and Video Calling feature is now available in Whatsapp and Facebook. But for quality assurance, one must have high speed internet with least latency. 6G and 7G internet are rumored to have 0% latency. That means there won't be any loss of packets. This leads to extremely fast internet, providing surfing the Web in the blink of an eye. So that justifies the discussion up to good extent. 

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